Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunny day

It's really pretty and bright outside.... but it's only Tuesday! I want to go somewhere, but I know I'll just spend money XD

Is it just me, or is Lolita clothing getting more and more expensive? I know Bodyline has increased prices (but I've pretty much left them anywa, after that creepy scandal involving the owner Mr. Yan, and besides, Qutieland has waaaay cuter dresses at the same prices <3) but it looks like places like Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty have gone from expensive to super extra expensive. I remember when I could get headpieces for $50, now it looks like I'm lucky if I can find one at $80! I have to go to smaller shops and probably commissioning, because even second-hand is probably hundreds upon hundreds. It's hard out there for a Loli XD

Anyway, it's the second day of me waking up while there's still sunlight outside. It's a little weird, considering that I go to sleep really late -_-; I hope it's this nice Thursday!

Today's tea is a rose one, but the rose is overpowered by the actual tea. It's still a good tea, I just wish it had more rose flavor. Once some years ago, my grandma took us to one of those 7 course restaurants. If I remember, the food was good, but what really stood out was this rose and champagne sorbet at the 3rd course that they used as a 'pallet cleanser'. It was sooooo good, even though there was about 3 spoonfuls inside. It was my first experience with rose as food, so I was pleasantly surprised. I've since forgotten everything else I ate there, so I guess that's saying something. I need to get an ice cream maker or something, they actually have a recipe for it ^_^ I swear, it's such a Princess-y treat XD As a flower on its own, roses aren't my favorite (my favorite flower is the lily) but as a tasty sweet, they're awesome! I have a folder in my Lolita section dedicated to cute sweets and recipes, lol. Am I weird? I love everything that's cute, even cute sounding food!

I'll end the blog here, because I don't have anything going on. ;_;

~Lots of Love~

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