Friday, October 25, 2013

Be Back Soon!

Hello all~

I am so so sorry that I haven't been on here in the past few months.

I haven't abandoned my blog, and I haven't left my fashion, I promise.  But my schedule has definitely been overstepping my body's limits for these last months.  Sometimes I have to stay until after midnight, and sometimes I have to be up for work around 5a, so my body doesn't know when sleep time is anymore (and I guess I'm just getting to that age where I can't just go to sleep whenever I want anymore, lol).  Any free time I have is spent catching up on the sleep I couldn't get throughout the week, and once I get up, it's spent running errands or hanging out with friends who work as much as I do....  I haven't done much in the way of 'fun' or done much of anything for myself, so a lot of my summer clothing never even got to see sunlight this year.  And all of this while I'm going through my last bit of puberty (did you know it happens one last time between age 25 and 28??  I thought I was done with this years ago!).  I'm so tired all the time, that sometimes I have to drink a 5-hour Energy just to keep up....  I guess such is the life of a full-time  professional time slot filler, lol.

So what's been up in these months I've been gone besides work?  My skin's a bit of a mess due to using an electronic face brush for the past few days (but I can say my cystic acne is finally gone!), and a lot of things I used to do in regards to makeup have recently been thrown out the window, so I'll have to completely start over from scratch.  Also, I cut my hair again, and this time, I'll be staying at the shorter-medium length from now on (just got tired of my long hair for the last time).  Been reading up a lot on vintage styling as I try to figure out how to combine it with a bit of princess flair.  So all in all, I've still been working on my style, if at least, a little.  Not as much as I wish, but I haven't been stagnant, so I'm glad.

I'll be gone a bit longer.  My schedule hasn't changed much, and my body isn't very happy about it, lol, but I really want to get back to blogging, since I really love interacting with people who share my interests.  However, with the way things are with my body, I think I'll continue to work behind the scenes a little longer.

I'll be returning either December 27th or 28th, so until then, I will see you all later!

And a very, very sincere thank you to those who have been following me, even when I wasn't around.  I know it doesn't take much to stick around, but it also doesn't take much to unsubscribe, so I'm very glad you've decided to stay.  I truly appreciate it.

See you in a few months!