Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The busiest un-busy week ever

Today, I had an interview for a new accessory store called Charming Charlie. Despite giving myself plenty of time to get there and try to find it, I still got lost. Fortunately, I brought my cellphone. She called me, and told me where to go. Once there, I think I wowed her XD She told me that she would put me on a trial run for the opening, where I would undergo training with some others. At first, I was thinking that this was their way of saying they were letting everyone in and that this was just a formality, but when I think about it, she didn't have to tell me that they would have this. In fact, if she didn't believe I was right for the job, it probably would have ended something like "Well, thank you for your time, I'll let you know what we decide soon!"

Go check out some photos of Charming Charlie! It's Illinois' first encounter of a store like this, but they've been around since 2004. They're like a warehouse of accessories ^_^ I like most that I don't have to give each customer one on one attention like I do at GameStop. The store is GINORMOUS, so I can get away with quickly helping someone, then heading off to organize things. Everything is color organized, which speaks strongly to the artist in me. I get to wear more trendy things too, like leggings and whatnot, party-wear that I can't wear at work.

This job makes me happy. Even if I don't get it, I'm glad I'm getting the opportunity. And if you're not lucky enough to have one of these in your area (I can't believe there aren't any in the big states like California and New York!) Go demand they send you some! Any accessory you can dream up, they probably have it, it seems.

Yesterday, we had a meeting at work. When I came in, Jake was there. I'm glad I got dressed up extra cute, in hopes of seeing him (he said he might not get to make it too, so I was glad he did) I wore my new shorts from Old Navy, and a blouse with a belt around my waist. I wish I had some more white thigh highs, because all I have are pink ones, and some white ones with stripes at the top. I wore the striped ones anyway, even though I don't know if they worked too well. Wellllll, as I went over to clock in, I looked up from the computer, and there Jake was! It looked like he was going to say something, but he ended up fixing some piece of paper, or pretending to, at least. I'm trying hard not to read into what he does, but it's so difficult! I'm trying to analyze if I should make a move or not. He'll be heading into college soon, so if I don't at least get my foot in the door, he'll find some college chick who will do it all, because she thinks it'll be the last time she gets to go crazy.

Seeing Jake makes me feel like I'm in high school again, and I'm crushing on the cute guy from my Biology class. Those were one of the few moments from back then that I liked. Passing by your crush as you went off to class, and gathering up all the strength you had just to say hi, giggling about him with your friends.... Yeah, it was boy-crazy girly stuff, but it was a lot of fun. I'm in my mid twenties, and simple pleasures like that comes few and far in between now.

And also:

Riho pout activate!! Nyaaaa~<333 How I adore Riho-chan so~

~Lots of Love~

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mechanical Pencils

I'm a gyaru alright.
I mean, no, it's not like something I've just discovered.
But I was thinking about just now, literally. I'm a gyaru ^^ I don't mind it at all. Just that... well, you know. That's what I am.

Which one I am is probably the hard part. I love koakuma-kei (which from what I gather is a subdivision), I really love hime-gyaru, I love punk, sweet, and whatever gyaru styles I don't even know the name. I love big hair with ringlets, and I love short bobs with angular cuts. Of course, whenever I open an Ageha, I'm in love. Shooped to Hell and back, but I don't care, I like what I see. Not really into coco&lulu or the hip hop style (former because it's too kitschy for me, latter because I outgrew it a decade ago). Can I categorize myself?

I guess ultimately, I just like to be cute. It's what attracted me to Lolita, and consequentially Hime style (and I like them both, one gives me the chance to go back to my more innocent days, and the other gives me the chance to show that I am a woman, both allowing me to feel cute) Hime-gyaru gets kind of a bad rep. I read a lot of comments about how Lolitas are pure and sweet and Hime girls just want to pretend to be sweet because they're looking for a prince to come and save them. They have no thoughts in their head besides marriage, and will play up the innocence to win a man's heart. But it's not true! Lolita, Hime, Gothic, casual, I've seen it time and time again, how a person's personality contradicts what their clothing apparently dictates they should act. I'm not looking for a man to rush to the altar with! That is so 2 years ago =P

I forgot what my point was. I guess my style is just 'cute'. If it makes me squeal or go "awww!", I like it.

Sunday, I ordered some mechanical pencils and some colored lead, non-photo blue for pencils, and pink for me. They are love! I'm going to order some 0.7mm pencils, because they have some lead that comes in a pretty purple and an even lighter pink, and I wanted to get some non-photo blue in a bigger size. I must be the only person in the world who gets excited about pencils! I love these pencils~ I also got an eraser, one of those kinds you can click out. Not only are they extra cute, they're really comfortable to use. I could do with a whole collection of these, and if I had a collection of cute notebooks to go with it, I would surely be set.

Lately, I've been really looking at things to revamp everything. I want to get a cute dusty pink hair color, not too pale, but lighter than my hair is now. And I want a collection of deco nails XD And while I'm not sure if they'll be comfortable, and while I usually don't get into circle lenses, I saw a pair of these pink ones with an outer rim of brown that make brown eyes look like they're glowing (Sakura Pink from Fall in Eyez, if you've ever seen them) The more I immerse myself into all of this, the more I really like it. I wish I had started this years ago. My collection is coming along too slowly with my layaway impeding. Every time I say I want to focus on fashion and sell my ball joint dolls, I look at my dolls and start having fun with that XD I can't decide, so I won't. I'll just get a second job.

All of these awesome pages of words I can't read made me go in search of my kanji book and dictionary. I bought them back in high school because I kept checking out the kanji dictionary we had at my library, but I never used it after that. I still have them in pristine condition ^_^ Time to bust them out!

Whoever said honey is sweeter than sugar either lied or was in possession of the best honey in the world ;_; I should have just used brown sugar.

~Lots of Love~

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Poor Car

It needs new oil ;_; It sounds so bad that it makes me worried. I'll have to get it changed tomorrow.

Nintendogs update, my puppy mastered the obstacle course in about 2 minutes (she's apparently very smart) but still trying to learn 'shake'. She's a little 'fraidy cat' though XD I bought her a tugging rope, and she keeps barking at it then running away once she ventures close enough to touch it. She'll eventually get used to it, and it's just too cute anyway >w< I read a guide that says her type looks ugly, but I think she's the cutest dog in the game ^_^

Listen to me, talking about her like she's real! She's just too adorable, especially for being nothing but 0s and 1s.

Anyway, I finally bought my copy of Ageha. I love it even more when it's in my hands ^_^ There's a section about how to take good photos with a camera and with a phone, and a section with weird hairstyles. Seriously weird, there's one where there's an Eiffel Tower O_o I wish my scanner was bigger, or maybe I suck at making the most of my scans. I'll try tonight anyway, and if that doesn't work, I'll take pictures.

Other things I got from Mitsuwa: some Cappuccino flavored biscuits, melon flavored Kasugai gummies (disappointed I didn't get two, because they were even more delicious than I remembered), some Bourbon White Rollita, some edamame, and shredded nori because it was on sale. I also got a few things from Lush. I meant to only get some Tea Tree Water Toner, but they had some Tea Tree Water tablets in stock for the first time since I started going there. There were 2 left, so I got one to try. They must be good if they sell out that much! Got one of their limited bath fizzies too, since I missed out on the B-Electro they had earlier this month ;_;

Jake showed up at work today, I guess to buy something, but I didn't see him until he was almost done. He didn't say anything to me ;_; Well, the time before when I saw him, I didn't say anything to him, but I rushed in just to turn in a game and I left in 15 seconds! I wanted to be in and out and then go right home, so it's not the same!

Well anyway, my days have been quite girly lately, which makes me glad. I think I'll start work on fake nails this week, since I have a few bucks to spare. They look easy, but maybe it's the artist in me.

Recently reconnected with another friend. Haha, she's just as fun as I remember ^_^

~Lots of Love~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

MITSUWA.... plus 2!

I thought I had posted something yesterday, lol. I guess because my last entry ran into the next day.

Anyway, it's yet another trip to Woodfield and Mitsuwa ^_^ Tara asked if she could bring her boyfriend. I like her boyfriend, I really do, but now I feel like I'll be a third wheel. They'll be all like "COUPLE~~<3" and I'm all.... not... haha. I've hung out with the two before. They sit on the same side of the booth when we eat, they walk side by side.... Ugh, I already feel like a 3rd wheel. Ah well, will immerse self in shopping XD

So, today, I get to wear my punk Lolita stuff that I got from Bodyline last year. I didn't get to wear it alllllll winter, and before winter, I only had a couple of weeks to wear it before it got too cold to do so. But today is in the upper 50s, and it's supposed to reach 66 by the afternoon~<3 If I don't wear it, I'll have to wait who knows how long. Maybe too long, and the weather will be too high to do anything with. Gotta seize today!

Better get going now, I've got lots to do.

~Lots of Love~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ha! I made it XD
I've been playing Nintendogs and Pikmin 2 for the past day. I never thought I'd want Nintendogs, but I used it to test a game, and it was so cute, so I had to get one, lol. Got a boxer puppy that I named Penny (because I saw a penny, ha). She already knows how to sit (which you had to teach your dog sit as part of the tutorial), bow, and yawn. I'm teaching her how to stay sitting and how to fetch. She's still learning though ^^ Playing the game also taught me that I want a Shiba Inu doggie! I had been trying to remember the full name of that dog ever since I first saw a wild pack of them in Okami. I barked at them and they all swarmed around me and started barking back, it was so cute XD I read they're naturally clean dogs. I want to get a pretty tawny one. I'd look for a cream colored one, but I read they're not recognized by some dog organization that lists the breeds and colors they come in. I'm guessing that means they're hard to come by. I want one with a super curly tail XD

....Yeah, that's all I've got today. I slept a lot. I'll blog more tomorrow.

~Lots of Love~

Monday, March 15, 2010


Sorry I missed yesterday! I slacked again ;_;

I saw my mom yesterday ^_^ I decided I would cook for her, so I brought out my wonderful college cookbook and made chili! It came out great~ Really delicious, and super filling <3 It said it was enough for 4 servings, at first, I wasn't sure.... Sure enough! And I did it allllll by myself *feels accomplished* But enough about that.

After that, we decided to work on making me something. I decided on a high-waist skirt with a pleat at the bottom, one like my red skirt, but something to wear with my blazer. But we got the measurements wrong, and it ended up too small in the hips and too big in the waist. I suggested we add a panel on the side. We'll work on it next week.

I've got another midnight, this time for God of War 3, so it'll probably be super busy. Money is money ^^

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I finally broke down and read the latest Ageha that I downloaded (I'll go and buy it next week, I swear!), and I must say it's my favorite issue yet! A lot of hairstyles I haven't seen yet, some makeup styles that involve colors besides brown and pink, and lots of incredibly cute fashions of which I can go through my things and see if I can pull off (like this jean jacket my mom gave me years ago over one of those sundresses that my grandma happened to have gotten me last summer). There wasn't a page in there that I skipped over. LOTS of clothing ensembles, I'm excited to look through Forever 21 to find. I don't care if they're aimed at hostesses, I like Ageha. It's everything I want in a book, and it doesn't hurt that it's got adorable models like Riho-chan and Satomin XD

Speaking of Ageha, check out this blog entry from Himestyle, a blog I keep up with. It's got a translated blog of the Ageha model Sakurai Rina. Reading it really gave me a huge insight on who she is, and made me respect her tons more. A lot of people look at models, and think because there's only pictures of them running around having fun that they have no deep or serious thoughts running through their heads. It's not true!! Well, maybe in a few cases.... But only a few XD Anyway, this entry boosted Sakurina to a tie with second favorite model. Riho is still the champion though.

Yakuza 3 came out recently. There's a mini game where you can actually get with one of 8 of the models from Ageha. Yes, Riho and Sakurina are in it XD Not Satomin however. I believe she came in too late, even though she's one of their top models. And would they even let her in? She's only 19 now. They would have to lie about her age out here.

Outside of the world of Ageha, I'm hanging out with my mom tomorrow. When I was younger, I had lots of issues with her, but it was all just me being a teen. Nowadays, our relationship is great ^^ I'm learning not to just go with everything she says though XD I'm so used to getting in trouble for going against her, but it's okay! I like a sudden eyeliner, and I'm not a fan of contouring, because it makes my face look more mature (currently in a cute phase). I'm not sure what we'll do, but I think I'll make chili while I'm there. Yes, another thing from my cookbook, a slow cooking chili that I can prepare when I get there, let it cook for 4 hours, and then eat by dinner.

Ack! Better get going, I've got a long day at work today, and I was looking for a cute hairstyle to last me! I got on here instead XD

In a good mood~ Spring is finally here!
~Lots of Love~

Friday, March 12, 2010

Who wears short shorts?

I guess I do! Went back to Old Navy, and this time, they had the shorts I wanted in my color ^_^ Size 0, though I'm actually a little more towards the size 1 (but they don't carry even numbers at ON), but once they go on, they still fit like a glove (and besides, size 2 is way too loose on me, so I was going to fit into a 0 even if I had to rip something, lol) So yeah. My next endeavor is one of those bras that just sticks on. I don't know why, I guess because I'm tired of being such a weird size. And I have to learn how to do my own stuff. I saw a picture (Popteen or Egg or something) of a girl wearing these cute pastel pink nerdy style glasses that I loved. I have the perfect pair already, but of course, they're black. I have to spray paint them someday, hopefully with a nice metallic paint! Lol, I can do that next week, silly me. Not like there isn't a Menard's around the corner! What else can I make?

It's like day 5 or something of this weird curl in my hair! It doesn't matter if I wrap it up, don't wrap it up, what, it's still there! Thought I'd throw that out there.

I think I really want to get a degree in fashion design. But I wonder if I can actually go through with it. I know I should take all of the basic classes at a cheaper school. And I probably have to take sewing classes. Again, I know how to sew, and I can even go as far as to figure out how to take any garment or drawing of a garment apart, but I don't really know how to tailor it for people to wear. I don't know, should I go for it? If I decide it's not more me, then I'll be even more in debt, AND I'll have to do this all by myself. I started thinking about all of this 3 weeks ago, while I was job searching and someone had posted a receptionist position for their fashion studio. I wanted to apply, but you had to have a degree in, well, fashion. I've always loved drawing the outfits of a character, almost as much as I loved creating their stories (but I have no drive to ever finish my stories, so writing is out of the question, lol).... I don't know, I don't want to make a costly mistake like I did with ILIAS.... I try to work on my indecisiveness, but this is major! My mom and her husband Glenn says I should even give it a try. *sigh* I don't know.

And besides, who would wear my crazy outfits?? Lol, just eccentric people like me. How many of those people exist anyway?

I promised myself last year that I would take more chances and follow my dreams. But.... *sigh* I have dreams of owning a nice online shop. I can make all of the weird clothing I like, for me, for others, and for dolls too. I shouldn't leave it a dream. I don't want to regret that I didn't try when I'm older. Alright, I'll save up for that sewing class from forever ago, and we'll see where I'm at then!

This choice eased my stress just slightly ^^ I know, because it's not so hard to breathe now.

Also, shorts!

~Lots of Love~

Thursday, March 11, 2010


*Sob sob* I should have bought this at the Sanrio store when I had the chance! Now I can't find it anywhere....

Anyway, my current hobby is going to my favorite online shops, putting everything I like in my 'shopping cart', and going all the way up to the next to last step, the one right before I have to make a payment (I choose Paypal, so there's no way I'll accidentally buy, it'll ask me if I want to). I know, it's so pathetic.... I pretend like I've got money to blow around, just to see what I would like and how much I could be spending at this particular store.

Lately, I've been looking at townhomes. Well, originally, I was looking at apartments, but while I was looking at a review of a place I was interested in, someone had mentioned how for the same amount as they had paid for monthly rent, they were paying for a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 2 floor house. It got me thinking, if that's the case, I should be looking at condos and whatnot. In the end, I like the idea of a townhome. I get a house, but I don't have to shovel snow or mow the lawn ^^ I can get a roommate, rent will be pretty low.... If I can get a decent paying job as well.... In the end, it keeps me from panicking, since I just travel to my own world where I have my own place and no one's there to take advantage of me. No one calling me out of my room just to tell me trivial things. No one going on about how it's her house and only her house, and then turning around and asking why I'm not doing things to help out around 'our' house.

No more feeling like it's not my home. I'm just a visitor....

Lighter note! Yesterday, a co-worker called off, so I got to stay at work longer. I got to work with Jake all day~! I swear, one day I'll make a move.... But he's just now warming up to me! I don't want to freak him out by being too forward. That's always my problem ;_; I mean, I'm already a cougar for liking him. I don't even know how old he thinks I am.... Probably thinks I'm like 20.

~Lots of Love~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More work!

I had a strange dream, where I was going back to school, and there was this guy that everyone else made fun of. But I was nice to him, and I guess that meant something to him. Well, one day, he snapped and started killing everyone one by one. There were 5 people left excluding me, and as he killed one more person, he told me to leave and never look back. I asked him what to do, and he told me that today, he was God. Then he pushed me out the door and locked behind him. It went forward a few decades, and they had completely covered up the wall. Some girls were going to class, and one of them was telling the other about the guy who killed everyone and that his ghost was trapped behind that wall.

How crazy was that dream?

Anyway, lately I've been getting into this show called Las Vegas. I used to ignore it when it originally aired years ago on NBC. I started watching it Monday because a show I was looking for wasn't on, and nothing else I wanted to see was on. Something funny was happening (can't remember what) so I just kept watching. It's pretty good! I thought it would be all serious like all of those cop and doctor dramas, but it's hilarious! And I get to watch 2 1 hour episodes back to back. I've got 5 years of shows to slowly catch up with ^^

Well, I've got work again tonight, with my first day off since Sunday on Thursday. I continue to search for a new job, waaaah! It's such a nice warm day, I bet Thursday it'll be really cold and muddy, and I'll cry! I want to go short shopping already!

I've been forgetting to end with this because it's been so long.
~Lots of Love~

Edit: I entered this drawing on Soom, the site where I got my ball joint dolls, and I just found out today that I won the 4th place prize!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Granted, I only won $5 in store credit, but I never win things from major sites. In fact, last thing I won was in 4th grade, when I got 2nd place in a spelling bee. In fact, as I clicked on the link to the list of winners, I was just scrolling down, totally preparing to have to try again next time, and there my screen name was! It gives me just a little boost in hope for my future ^_^ Better start bookmarking furniture for my future new house XDDD

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fire, Fog, and Frilly things

Want to know what happened at my first midnight opening?

There was a fire over at the Portillo's across from us. The sky filled with smoke, it was weird. But then fog rolled in, seriously. So the fog caught the smoke and kept it in there air. It smelled like dust for hours! Our midnight was a success, though rather small, except some idiot called at 12:10 when everyone had already left. He called to ask if we could stay open so he could get there. Well, he got here.... And made us stay open an extra 10 minutes longer so he could cancel a reserve and trade in some games! Jerk!! He wasn't even that sincere when he thanked us after was the only one there, and he was keeping us open so late! I'll remember him forever! DDD8<

Anyway, made my wishlist for Rakuten again. My list is about $500 long, lol. I wish I could get someone out there to notice me for a new job, because I know I can't work at GameStop much longer. I like video games, but I can't afford any of the new systems, so I'm getting left behind when it comes to knowledge. I might try and transfer myself to some sort of boutique, though it would be awesome to work as a secretary, but I know they only look at college graduates.

It's the nicest day in history.... And I'm stuck at work! I should be going shorts shopping! Wahhhh!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I've got a full night ahead of me, so I figured I'd post something here now. I've got a midnight for Final Fantasy XIII. It's my first midnight, so I'm going to dress up comfortably, probably not work too hard on my makeup and hair. No one's going to notice anyway once they've got the game in their hand, lol.

Anyway, I've been working on fashion collages lately, by collecting pictures of clothes, hair, and makeup techniques I like. I can't believe I'm doing this sort of stuff, and actually enjoying it! I've been going through my scans one by one. Time consuming, but soon they'll be in one area. I'm always forgetting which of my magazines I saw a particular style, and then I have to go through some several thousand pages ;_; Soon, I'm going to figure out how to arrange them so I can print them for that binder I posted about forever ago.

And how's this for kind of strange, I curled my hair 2 days ago, and it's still pretty curly now.

Okay, no more stalling! 9 hour work day on my feet. ;_____;

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Will I ever keep up??

I'm back! I swear I didn't forget this place, I just kept... not coming here, lol. I would look at my poor neglected bookmarked page, and go "I don't have anything to say!"


I do have things to say!
Well, lately, I've been learning to style my hair and put on makeup. I guess I've mastered the smokey look, but I need more pallets. I bought a couple at a buy one, get one half off sale at Icing, in grays and neutrals, looking to get some pinks soon.

In the meantime, I bought some new games, the final NIS game for my DS collection and Mana Khemia 2 and Soul Nomad for the PS2, which I haven't even taken out of the box! I'm not being wasteful, I promise I'll play them eventually, but I have to get them now before I never see them again.

Anyway, take a gander at this lovely dress from Fanplusfriend. I got a ton of extra hours at work for next week, so I think I'll order it, plus a few things from Rakuten (Yes, I'm trying again.) Probably Rakuten first, Yumetenbo (DreamV) tends to sell out of the things I like most (like those pink fur ankle boots I loved *sob*)

Speaking of the job, our replacement boss Galen is finally moving back to his original store. We got a new boss, who I already like. Well, I've actually worked with him before, back when our original boss was still around *not* working. FINALLY, we have a boss who's not afraid to punish Dan for being completely lazy! He gave Dan an ultimatum: either he works like the rest of us and stops calling off for no reason, stops half-assing everything, and stops lying about why he's suddenly got to leave early (yes we've proved many times that he's lied), or in two weeks, he'll be finding himself a new job. The kid... or I guess I should start calling him Jake now, he's been absolutely amazing to work with, besides the obvious reasons. Lately, he's been increasingly more comfortable with me, and even makes silly comments around me. I try to read body language, see if he's into me, but I'm still no good at that, lol. But that's besides the point, we don't need Dan anymore. He's only good for speaking to our Spanish speaking customers, but he's always calling off and coming in really late/leaving early that his 'talents' are almost useless.

Recently, I bought a cookbook with college students in mind. No, I'm not going back to college... yet... but it's got a lot of simple recipes that don't involve a ton of time or ingredients. I've already made 3 different things from it. And while I was out buying ingredients one day, I bought some juices from Snapple. There was a particular juice with Noni fruit. It said on the bottle that it boosts your mood... and it's true! I tried it before I read the bottle, and for the whole day, I felt amazing and happy. It wasn't until a few hours after I finished drinking that I read the bottle and saw the description. Tried again recently, after I woke up feeling depressed. It really helped, I felt really nice all day ^^ What else... oh, and I found a gift card from Old Navy for $22. I can use it to buy some shorts. I went there a couple weeks ago, but the one pair of shorts I wanted, they didn't have in my size. I'll go back in a bit, it's getting warmer now, so there will be plenty of shorts for me to pick from.

I've discovered I'm a size 8 in shoes, and not 8 1/2, which means I'll have an easier time looking at Japanese shoes.

I'm in another doll layaway, this time for a Soom Chalco. I'm hoping to have him paid off by the end of April. After him, no more layaway, I have to promise myself that unless I get a good paying job.

I spend my days looking at townhomes I want to move into and furniture I want to buy for the future. My panic attacks stem not from work or money, but from my own grandma.

And I drew my first picture in months of inactivity.

That's my month. How was yours?
Oh, and a special thanks to my very first follower Terra. It made me smile to come back and find out that there's at least one person out there who wants to read my boring ramblings XD