Friday, August 3, 2012

Living the Dream, Step by Step

Hello all~!

Did you see Kawaii International?  I loved it!
It didn't have as much Ayano as I would have wished (I would have loved for them to go in depth in the workings behind La Pafait, and from their poll, it seems I wasn't alone), but that behind the scenes look at the clothing store Rienda and what Mika has to do when she comes in was so interesting.  They really have amazing work ethics over there, it's so cool~ (lol, is it strange that I was focused on her job rather than her style?  Her outfit was cute, too!)  If the clothing stores around here were as cool as that, I think I'd try to work at a clothing store again.  But I digress, I can't wait until the next episode!

I recently beat Psychonauts for the first time and got 100% on it, too.   The ending was really satisfying, though the final boss was pretty easy.  Then again, getting up to the boss was where the trouble was, lol.

For the past few days, I've been sewing.   Not sewing for myself, but actually sewing an outfit for one of my ball joint dolls!  Last year, I designed this Christmas themed outfit for my tiny Hajnal, and I managed to make a working pattern for a pair of high waist pumpkin pants with actual working pockets, but I stopped working on it when I got depressed and lost my motivation.   I got back into it last week, and recently finished the main pattern for her top!  I'm so proud of myself~  I can't stop looking at my craftsmanship.   I don't have much to work on now, just her fur trimmed capelet with detachable fur bow collar, her fur cuffs, and her leggings which will probably be the easiest, as I can just pin the fabric onto her and sew.  This year, I want to try to finish it before Christmas.  Would anyone be interested in seeing a few photos of it?  It's only in the muslin phase and I haven't used any actual fabric because I'm still testing to see everything, but I did just finish her face-up too.

Lately, I've been getting into aloe drinks, or more specifically, a drink called Alo.  I found them at a nearby store, and the bottle looked so pretty, I decided to try one, specifically the one with mango and mangosteen.  It was soooo good!   But more surprisingly, it had little aloe bits floating inside of it!  It's kind of weird, when you're drinking it, and suddenly, a huge piece of pulp comes at you, but the texture is kind of cool.  It's like Jello, but... crunchy?  It's hard to explain, lol.  It's also been amazing at helping my skin heal!  I broke out pretty terribly some months ago, and I ended up with a lot of scars that stuck around for months, but the drink helped heal them right up, and lightened them too.  That's good, because I've been lazy about doing the apple cider mask, lol.

Open in a new tab to see full size!

Dress: Yumetenbo
Stockings:  Found at Target
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson

These shoes have a really high incline and are the highest heels I own at 5 inches.   I'm practicing walking in them, and eventually, I'll be getting some cushioned insoles.  In spite of the inconvenience, however, I absolutely love this coordinate.   In fact, this dress is the very reason I decided to get these shoes in the first place.  They're a match made in heaven.   Also, gotta start accumulating accessories!

Makeup close up
 Do you think I've gotten a little better?

I just ordered a pair of circle lenses a few days ago.   PinkyParadise is having a sale on Vassen's Sakura Candy lenses until sometime early next week, and they just happened to be the same style as the Candy series lenses from E.O.S that I owned before.  I was originally going to order some circle lenses at the end of August (the plan is actually to buy some wishlist makeup this month), but at the going price, it couldn't be beat!  I can't wait until they come in!   My makeup just doesn't look the same without circle lenses.  They really do add that extra bit of 'oomph'.

Anyway, that's all for today!  I recently got another award from Wanda of Lavender and Roses, and I'm really honored~!   My response will be coming soon (I'm working on it now!)
See you next time~!!


  1. I was pretty disappointed in Kawaii International as well D; I really wanted to hear more from Ayano. but she was still super adorable nonetheless! I love her ^^

    You also look so cute! You really are improving a lot lately!

    1. It seems she was really popular ^_^ I mean, I guess if there ever was a person to embody the word 'kawaii', it would be Ayano! I hope they explore Hime-kei a bit more, as a lot of the viewers really seem to be interested. I would love for them to visit Jesus Diamante again! <3

      And thank you so much! I can really surprise myself with what I can do XD

  2. That sewing project sounds really great! You should totally post pictures!

    Also that aloe drink sounds intriguing... I've seen them around, but I've never tried them. But if they can help your skin like that, that sounds great! It clears your breakouts and scars, just from drinking it, or do you have to make a mask from it or something?

    And that outfit coord is very nice! I love the color scheme. ^_^

    1. Alright! Then I suppose I'm posting pictures~<3

      Much like how when you eat vegetables, the vitamins and minerals get absorbed into your body, when you drink an aloe drink, the natural healing benefits of the aloe get absorbed and used where it needs to be used. You know the saying "You are what you eat." It's kind of like working from the inside out, and if you had an additional aloe mask, you'd be helping on both sides ^_^ It's not instantaneous, but I noticed a difference within a few days. Also, don't confuse it with 100% aloe *juice*, that stuff is really bitter, lol. The mixed drinks you'll find on the market usually contain a good amount.

      And thank you~!

  3. As the ladies always say, you look fabulous darling! ;D

    On a serious note, really you do! The hair pieces is doing your hair justice and I adore the coordinate. Though you brought up a point I wanted to make. Why are you not wearing any accessories?! :O

    On another note, you should post up pictures of your progress. I really wanted to see what you had come up with so far. ^^ Haven't actually sewn any doll clothes before, but it certainly sounds interesting. If I have any spare time on my hands, I might give it a try with my sewing clothes for my sister's build-a-bear plush.

    On yet another note, I think I know the drink that you are referring to. Not the drink specifically, but the type of drink with the jelly-like things floating inside. I think that they are commonly found in most drinks sold in Asian markets, since I had seen them so many times.

    I personally don't have circle lenses yet, but I swore to myself that I would only get them after I finish using up my current lenses. They are the normal clear one. As much as I would like to partake in the sale going on at PinkyParadise, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to sit this one out. It's great that you had gotten some though and I cannot wait to see them incorporated into your look.

    Lastly, don't mention it! xD I cannot wait to see your response!

    1. Thank you so much~<3 Comments like these really motivate me to keep working harder ^_^

      The fact of the matter is... I have no accessories that go with this dress, lol. Well, I guess I have some earrings, but with the way the hair is, you wouldn't even be able to see them. The first half of September is when I'm scheduled to get accessories (I've been dedicating each month towards what I want to buy, like this month will be dedicated to makeup and October will be dedicated to winter wear), so it'll be a while too. I did recently get some Styrofoam roses, so once I find some bobby pins, I can at least have that much.

      It's really easy to make clothing for these dolls, because they're really small. I can just make a pre-mock up using paper towels, then even out the patterns on paper, and keep altering until I get something that works. I'm starting to figure out what needs to be tweaked and how to do it. I hope I'll get good enough that I can figure out the patterns even faster! ^^

      They do have a lot of aloe drinks, though I never gave them any thought. These are actually mainstream. I found them in the produce area next to the 100% juice drinks. They're really tasty~!

      You may want to own both kinds. Circle lenses usually have an enlarging effect, so unless you're wearing big makeup with it, it looks pretty strange, lol.

  4. Oh, I didn't get to see Kawaii International as my hard drive has bit the dust, so I've only been able to do a few things on my mother's laptop when she is not using it. Ayano is my favourite of the La Pafait staff, too! Ah, maybe next time. X3

    I would also like to see your sewing for your dolls so far. Ball jointed dolls are so beautiful, I think you should show them off if you have them! I'd especially love to see your doll's face up.

    I've read about the numerous health benefits of consuming aloe, and so I've tried to grow my own aloe plant to make my own mixed fruit drinks. Sadly, one year, one month, and one week later, it has only 4 leaves that have grown to about 2 inches, haha! Still waiting...

    As for the outfit, I think it looks great! From the hair and makeup down to the shoes; I think it's a very fresh and clean, fluttery look. The colour of the hair pieces go with it well; it's a warm, soft appearance. I actually didn't notice the lack of accessories! What kind of accessories do you think you would add to the outfit?

    I LOVE the Candy/Sakura lenses. I haven't owned any, but I love the way they look. I've been wanting the Greys for a while now, but I'm afraid they won't fit well. My eye doctor had me try on FreshLook lenses with the same sizes as the Candys (8.6 BCR and 14.5 DIA) and they would slide up and over my line of vision every time I blinked, which would give me the view of blurring, so I'd blink again and again; a bit of a fight. I want to believe that it was just the brand, but I can't muster the frills ('guts' sounds gross, haha) to take that leap yet because I would be so disappointed to find that they do the same thing.

    1. Hopefully, you'll get to see this month's episode! It really is an interesting show, even if it's not about Hime-kei. ^^

      I'm glad to see some of you guys interested in my dolls! I always feel like I'm so alone with them, since really no one in this area has them, but they're not cool enough to plaster all over the BJD forums, lol.

      You may want to invest in aloe juice. Aloe plants have a product in them that is actually pretty harmful when ingested, and most juices and drinks take them out for consumption. The plant is still good if you want to apply the gel to your face though!

      Thank you! It really feels so summery, even though summer is almost over, lol. I think I would have loved to have a choker and some bracelets to go with it, and of course, a really cute headband <3 I have an idea for one, but I need to get off my lazy butt and look at fabric pieces in order to do it XD

      I actually had a similar problem too! I basically just got used to it, since I really liked the look and it didn't hurt my eyes. Eventually, I stopped noticing it. I think the only way to avoid something like that is if you get some with only a thin band of color, but that probably means your eyeball will be showing, lol. I'm not sure how others do it.... I will say that I didn't have this problem with the Max Pure lenses (which were also really nice and vibrant, but they got damaged when they dried out somehow... ;_; ). I guess all you can do is spend the money and try!