Monday, August 15, 2011

Sayo Has Left Ageha? + Recent Goings On

I just recently got a copy of August's Ageha~

I really liked the scans, and hated the fact that all of the pages were missing about an inch on the inside, so I decided to get my own!

But I noticed something, upon my 4th or so time going through it....
Where's Sayo?

I noticed she was only on a couple pages, so I decided to go look at her blog.
I have to rely on Google Translate, but I think at one point, it said she was leaving.

Gah!  I liked her!  I mean, I couldn't do sexy style to save my life, but she was absolutely perfect for the magazine!!

Besides that, I also noticed a bunch of the official models wearing a specific type of bottom lashes, that I just happened to have ordered recently, lol.  Literally, a day after I ordered them, August's Ageha came out for download, and immediately, I see Sakurina, Shizuka, Rin, and Megu wearing similar brands to what I just ordered!  It's like they knew~!

Ah yes, I recently came into lots of money, and what did I spend much of that money on?
...Books.  *sigh*  What a bad Gyaru I am....
And not even novels either, cookbooks and manga.  $100.  Though to be honest, one of those books was a gift, and I just had to buy the Gossip Girl manga, and come on, you expect me to pass up a cookbook full of 20 minute meals??

Then I bought some fabric, drinks, Okamiden, and some bathroom stuff (well, I bought some new body wash for exfoliating and some rose scented deodorant, maybe it counts?)  I had plans to buy some makeup, but ultimately, I only ordered some Diamond bottom lashes and bought some powders to work on highlighting and contouring.  I finally stopped being lazy and did that apple cider mask, which after a week straight really lightened my acne scars (I should really be doing it more.  Ugh, I really wish I had a Gyaru friend to keep me on the ball with stuff like this....).  I was going to buy some curling irons, but I remembered that my mom has a billion curlers she never uses.

I also bought a Miss Bianca doll (The Rescuers) on clearance from the Disney Store.  My middle name is Bianca, so when I was young, I used to get a lot of Miss Bianca related things.  It was so great to see her again.  She should be more popular in Japan, so I can get lots of things with her theme, lol.  I also got a new bra and some absolutely wonderful Hello Kitty slippers, since my old slippers were on its last legs, so to speak.

I'd post photos, but since the only things truly related to Gyaru aren't here yet, I'm not sure if anyone cares, lol.

I'll show more makeup attempts when my lashes come in, which probably won't be for a bit, heh.


  1. :) Haha I noticed that you have been doing a huge shopping as well. I've been mostly buying beauty products, such as makeup and hair stuff, but I have been too lazy to use them. xD It looks like we both need gyaru friends lol! It also looks like I need to get in touch with Ageha, since I didn't understand a word that you just said relating to it ^^; *hangs head in shame* ._..

    I don't mind if you post pics. It doesn't have to relate to gyaru ALL the time. xD

    Anyway, nice of you to update. :) Can't wait to see more.

  2. Lavenrose- Haha, at least, I really like Ageha! But I'm biased, because Ageha was the thing that introduced me to Gal in the first place. You should head on down to Japanese Magazine Scans! Even if Ageha isn't for you, there's lots of other magazines you can check out before you try to buy them ^^ (or don't, lol) Lots of great step by step tutorials and ideas for coordinates as well!

  3. Oh it's not that I don't like Ageha. It's more like I don't read magazines in general, even before I got into the hime style. ^^;

  4. @Lavenrose- Lol, no, I mean, I speak pretty highly of Ageha, but it might be mostly because I discovered Gal style because of it XD I wasn't much of a magazine reader either, until Ageha. Even now, I really only read that (or Betty, if I happen to remember it exists when I'm at Mitsuwa, lol).

  5. She graduated already isnt it? I know there was one Ageha issue featuring and saying that she was leaving Ageha. I think it was March

  6. @Sochii Kamiya and Andelia Rehauste- Ah, might you be thinking of Sayaka? She was one of their main models who left in March.

    Sayo, even though she had been there for quite a few years, didn't get that kind of send-off, since she wasn't an exclusive Ageha model unfortunately. Actually, she didn't get one at all, lol, she just left.