Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shopping Spree! (Part 1 - The Clothes *Pic Heavy*)

Hello all~

I've gone away again, lol.  I've been distracted~!  I really only kept up with my main blogs (though I never commented, and I totally should have) and read my comments (I read them all!).  I'm getting back into ball joint dolls, and I just bought one with the intention of buying another, so I've been hanging out on Den of Angels, lol.  The plan is to make a pair of my own Gyaru dolls!   But I've managed to pull myself away from my excitement to finally finish this post I've been wanting to finish since... last month?

Anyway, I've been shopping!

I got my tax refund~  It was quite a bit!  Immediately, I used it to pay off the shipping for my Liz Lisa trunk.

But something happened when I got it.  It ended up changing my priorities.  See, I was thinking about saving up to go to Japan for next year, but getting my new clothing and making so much progress in my fashion really made me happy.   I started thinking, why was I originally going to Japan?  To get more clothing, mostly.  Yeah, I wanted to check out the sights and whatnot, but more than anything, I was going at that specific time because I wanted to get a bunch of fukubukuro from the source.

In the end, I decided I would postpone the trip (and maybe I could go with someone else then), and I would focus on expanding my wardrobe as well as defining my new fashion direction (which I've done a lot of work on both!) and working on my hobbies. 

 So no Japan for me too soon, but I'm not sad at all.  Like I said, I made a lot of progress!

And speaking of that progress, I ended up buying A LOT of things.  Not only did I get my trunk, I finally found a pair of low heeled oxfords in dark brown, I bought a ton of leggings, lots of accessories, and a few extra pieces of clothing, including some lovely casual dresses~

I've got a lot of photos to show you, so I'm going to divide the posts into two.  This one is for the clothing.  If you want to see my accessories, check out my next post (I wrote these at the same time, so you won't even have to wait long!)

First things first, I bought a new phone!   I really needed to upgrade from my little flip phone of decades past, as not only was it really difficult to text with, the battery life was pretty low from being recharged so often, and the back had broken, so it wouldn't close completely.  This new one looks so fancy and 2011-ish, lol.  It also has a pretty nice camera, so it'll be easier to take pictures.   In fact, I took all of these pictures using my phone!  Unfortunately, they don't make hard cases for it yet, so I can't deco it yet.  I can come up with ideas in the meantime, and hopefully they'll make something.

Anyway, let's start with my Liz Lisa trunk!