Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm Back~!

Hey everyone!!  I'm finally back again!! 

First things first, I really want to thank everyone who stayed with me during my absence and those who added me even afterward.   And a very special thanks to those who left such wonderful comments.   When I started to become a Hime-Gyaru, no one was really talking about Hime-kei.  I figured because I was so clueless about where to start researching the style, that maybe someone else out there was just as lost as me, and I thought I could document my findings and make it a little more accessible for those starting out just like me.  Nowadays, it seems like more and more Himes are popping up (or maybe it's because I'm part of it that I'm noticing it more, lol), that I started to think that there's no way I could be helpful anymore, when there's so many inspirational people to choose from.  But I've been proven wrong.  Thank you so much for those kind words of encouragement.  You have no idea how much they mean to me.  I'm truly glad that I could be even a little helpful to anyone, and I wish you all luck in being the princesses (or princes!) you wish to be.

Oh man, I can finally officially return!  You don't know how many times I've been hanging around here, dancing around the idea of making a new post, but I really wanted to hold off.  My personal condition for returning was that I had everything I needed to start working towards being a Hime-Gyaru again.

Some pajamas I recently got thanks to the adorable Mio's suggestion.  Also, I have a full length mirror now!

Back at the end of February, I got a job.  Where?? I'm sure one person is asking excitedly, lol.  Well, I work at a McDonald's, the very one with my friend Tara.   Yeah, I know, it's not the most glamorous of jobs, but more than anything, I get to finally contribute to society!  Seriously, when I finish a shift, I feel so accomplished and happy that I'm no longer sitting around all day, that I don't even notice how tired my feet are from being on them all day until I get home!  Oh, and also, I get to buy things~  That's pretty cool, lol.  And at the very least, I can go back to picking and choosing the job I want to stay at.  Working here among such nice people is fine and all, but not only is it not the dream job I want and I have a uniform and can't deviate from it, but mostly the problem is that the hours are just too sporadic.   I want some stability.  I just hope I get to work as hard as I do now.  I get to help out so much~!  It's the best thing in the world!

Now, I really wanted to post right then about my accomplishment, getting the job, but I thought about it.  Then what?  It was going to be a couple months before I could start really working on my wardrobe.  I would still be at the previous problem of not having much to say about my life besides "Hey guys, totally working!"  No, when I came back, I wanted to have already hit the ground running.  I wanted to have some outfits to choose from and show off, even if it was only a few.  I wanted to document my progress, like I always wanted to do on this blog.  So in order to do that, I had to hold off on my eagerness to come here right away to tell you all what was going on.  I'm sorry I had to disappear off the radar as a result, but my ultimate goal for this blog is to document my life, my findings, and most importantly, my progress.  That third one was huge for me, because it's the reason I started this blog in the first place, to make note of the progress I was making towards being the person I want to be.  I wanted to look back on my early posts and see how far I've come.  It's so motivating to look back and see how much I've grown and changed!

Well, none of that matters now, as I've returned! 

I've got a lot to talk about, and while part of me wants to talk about it all in this one post, I think that if I did, this post would be way too long.  Besides, if I talked about everything now, I'd have nothing to talk about later!  So yet again, I've got to hold myself back, lol.  Do expect a post about my new Prisila hairpieces and a small tutorial to go with it coming up next week (it's actually all typed up and everything)!  I'll also be talking about what I've been doing to work on myself, and posting a few pictures of coordinates!  Ahh~!  I've always wanted to do that!  I'll also be changing the layout once I figure out what exactly I want, and will undergo a name change (don't worry, I'll post about it before I do!).  There's just so much to do!

So... if you haven't heard, I'm back~!  And I hope I won't have to go anywhere again for a long while.


  1. I'm so happy that you have returned! Haha I feel the same way, there are a lot of new Hime now so I'm just kinda like well blaaah with what I post xD I'm going to start posting more OTT La Parfait Himegyaru because you don't see that much anymore~

    Congrats on getting a job! McDonald's isn't too shabby honestly, despite all the jokes. My boyfriend worked there for a while and he got really good hours and the like ^^ I can't wait to see more photos!

    Oooo yes do post about some Prisila hairpieces. I was thinking about collecting hair pieces myself because my extensions can only do so much xD


    1. It's not a bad job at all. I work with some great people and have wonderful bosses, our store is among the top in our area, and I get tons of hours. In the near half a year I've worked here, in fact, I've made more money than one year of working at GameStop. ^_^

      I'm going the JD/La Pafait route with hair. While I prefer the classical side of Hime-kei as opposed to the playful side, I just love that huge hair! XDDD

  2. Congratulations on your new job! Please don't believe that you were less of an awesome, influential person when you didn't have one though, 'cause it's just not true. ;) All the same, good on you for sticking to your goal and, most of all, accomplishing it!

    Haha, it seems every time I put my guard down, you update and I don't find out for a few days! XD I am really looking forward to your upcoming posts. Your writing sounds very happy and energetic, so I can't wait for what you have in store for us! ^.^

    Those jimjams are so very adorable; they definitely look ideal for summer. ♥__♥ I'm curious about the bows, though: are they at all bothersome when lying down or sitting up against something?

  3. Thank you so much! And I'm really glad you think so; it truly means a lot to me. I noticed you got your own blog started as well! I'll definitely be reading it after this comment ^_^

    Haha, SURPRISE! XD I've got a few posts already typed up, only needed to post and edit photos and whatnot. I'm so much happier, not just because I'm productive, and not just because I get to buy things again, but because I get to return to blogging, which I love <3

    They are super comfy! The bows are actually a very soft tulle kind of fabric. I'm very sensitive when it comes to laying on anything (any lump or fabric fold tends to dig into my skin and it hurts to lay on it), but I can barely feel the bows at all! The only problem is that when I have to use the restroom, I have to take it all off, lol!

    1. Yes, I finally had the guts to go through with it, but even now, I still feel so chicken! >_< Baby steps, baby steps...

      OMG I just saw I'm on your follow list. @_@ I am honoured, milady.

      Oooh, I had a feeling they looked like one of those single piece sets! Personally, I can't ever seem to fit those kinds of clothes. My girth seems to be pretty long; I'm 5' 4.5" tall, but my girth is 5' exactly -- too long for any of those floral, fluttery jumpsuits on Kumimakiko that I was goggling over (which was a shame because all of my other measurements are about perfect for anything size M on that site). I thought about taking them apart and turning them into two-piece sets, but I'm so afraid I'd make a disaster of the beautiful fabrics. Turning them two-piece would certainly take out the hassle of bathroom visits, though! XD

      Oh good, I will definitely trust your word on it, then! I am another super sensitive kinda girl. Goodness, the worst is when something digs into bone, isn't it? O_+ And tags -- I hate tags. I always take out my seam ripper as soon as a new garment makes it into my room. Er, after I memorize the care instructions, of course. XD

    2. You can do it! You've got all the time in the world, and as long as you keep moving, you'll have to get somewhere, right? XD

      I love to not only support new Himes like myself, but friendly and nice people too ^^

      Ehh, I heard bad things about Kumimakiko anyway, especially about their Liz Lisa stuff being fake. Probably best to order direct from the shops. And speaking of the shops, it's not a jumpsuit, but these are cute ^^: I've only had good experiences with Yumetenbo, and the reviews they have on the products usually warn you of anything, even if the translations are a little wonky, lol.

      Ah! I'm so glad to know I'm not alone! I thought I was some kind of weirdo, lol! Seriously, I feel like that princess from the Princess and the Pea!

  4. First of all, welcome back! ^^

    Second of all, I would like to congratulate you on getting a new job. Sure it might not be as glamorous as say a dream job of being a sales associate at a Jesus Diamante boutique, but it is better than nothing right? Everyone always got to start from somewhere!

    I am glad that you got a full length mirror now. It will definitely be helpful in coordinating outfits and taking outfit shots!

    Can't wait to see more posts from you!

    1. Thank you ^_^ My next goal is to try for a receptionist. I'm usually working on the front counter, greeting people as they come in, so it seems my managers recognize how great I am with customers. Not sure where I'll try to go from there, but at least as a receptionist, I'll get to wear nice things, lol.

      I love this mirror. I had no idea that a simple full mirror could be such a great addition to a room! I should have gotten this thing forever ago XD

      Posting very, very soon!