Friday, August 31, 2012

These Days

Hello, hello~

Sorry I've been away for a bit, for you see, I've been dating as of late~

Yep, this beginner princess has spotted a potential prince!   I won't say much on the matter, as it's still a new relationship and we're still learning about each other.  But I will say this: he's really cool, lol.

Anyway, I've pushed back my plans yet again, and though I was meant to buy makeup this month, because of a few extra expenses, I didn't want to risk dipping below my minimum.   I decided I'll go with my next paycheck, since I have to go down to Mitsuwa for the next Ageha anyway.  Then again, winter clothing has been coming out these days, and they're sooooo cuuuuute~!   I really don't know what to do, lol.  I wish I could just get a nice basis down, so when new stuff comes out, it's less 'frantic rush to buy because I don't have any cute stuff for the season' and more 'just add it in as it goes'.

I've gone back into looking for a new job.  I still have mine, and it's still okay, but that's just it, it's only 'okay'.  I still want to try for a receptionist position.   Fortunately, I have the ability to go at my leisure, since I'm not in a mad rush or anything.  A lot of really nice openings have popped up, so I'm thinking now is the time to strike.  Even if I just get part time, that can help in getting the experience I need to one day go full time.

I got my Japanese books Saturday, and I have to say, they're doing quite well!   For one, I finally understand what "wa" does in a sentence, lol. I've learned a few kanji as well.  I haven't been able to do a lesson per day, as I've been pretty busy (which is so rare), but I'm not tired of it yet, so that's good.  I think I'll be getting the next two Japanese From Zero books soon, so when I'm finished with this book, I can just go to the next (and shipping is free if you spend over $25, I believe).

Overall, these days have been really good and full of activity.  I just wanted to update you all about where I've been for the past couple of weeks, lol.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!/Learning Japanese?

In my last entry, I told you that I got an award from Wanda, AKA Lavenrose of Lavender and Roses.  So, let's not waste time, here is my response to the questions asked, as well as 11 things about myself!

I guess here are the rules:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember, no tags back!

So, to start, here are the 11 things about myself:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Living the Dream, Step by Step

Hello all~!

Did you see Kawaii International?  I loved it!
It didn't have as much Ayano as I would have wished (I would have loved for them to go in depth in the workings behind La Pafait, and from their poll, it seems I wasn't alone), but that behind the scenes look at the clothing store Rienda and what Mika has to do when she comes in was so interesting.  They really have amazing work ethics over there, it's so cool~ (lol, is it strange that I was focused on her job rather than her style?  Her outfit was cute, too!)  If the clothing stores around here were as cool as that, I think I'd try to work at a clothing store again.  But I digress, I can't wait until the next episode!

I recently beat Psychonauts for the first time and got 100% on it, too.   The ending was really satisfying, though the final boss was pretty easy.  Then again, getting up to the boss was where the trouble was, lol.

For the past few days, I've been sewing.   Not sewing for myself, but actually sewing an outfit for one of my ball joint dolls!  Last year, I designed this Christmas themed outfit for my tiny Hajnal, and I managed to make a working pattern for a pair of high waist pumpkin pants with actual working pockets, but I stopped working on it when I got depressed and lost my motivation.   I got back into it last week, and recently finished the main pattern for her top!  I'm so proud of myself~  I can't stop looking at my craftsmanship.   I don't have much to work on now, just her fur trimmed capelet with detachable fur bow collar, her fur cuffs, and her leggings which will probably be the easiest, as I can just pin the fabric onto her and sew.  This year, I want to try to finish it before Christmas.  Would anyone be interested in seeing a few photos of it?  It's only in the muslin phase and I haven't used any actual fabric because I'm still testing to see everything, but I did just finish her face-up too.

Lately, I've been getting into aloe drinks, or more specifically, a drink called Alo.  I found them at a nearby store, and the bottle looked so pretty, I decided to try one, specifically the one with mango and mangosteen.  It was soooo good!   But more surprisingly, it had little aloe bits floating inside of it!  It's kind of weird, when you're drinking it, and suddenly, a huge piece of pulp comes at you, but the texture is kind of cool.  It's like Jello, but... crunchy?  It's hard to explain, lol.  It's also been amazing at helping my skin heal!  I broke out pretty terribly some months ago, and I ended up with a lot of scars that stuck around for months, but the drink helped heal them right up, and lightened them too.  That's good, because I've been lazy about doing the apple cider mask, lol.