Saturday, May 15, 2010


Oh? What's new with me, you ask?
You didn't ask? Of course you did!

- Starting my new job next week, and I'm getting 41 hours to start (it's confirmed, they let me know that they definitely want me working there)
- My Chalco is headed home after a 3 week wait, and will probably be here Monday

But probably most important update:
- I'm going to Japan 8D

Well, okay, that's only half true. A couple days ago, while I was on the Internet, not even thinking about Japan, I just suddenly thought "I'm going to Japan!" When I asked my friends who would come with me, I got a lot of positive responses. Nothing's definite since it's only been 2 days since I proposed this idea, but at the very least, we can try! So far, Tara and I are definitely in, Niki and Tara's friend Brianna are "maybes", and Niki's boyfriend Steve is one big question mark, though it sounds like he wants in too. I think the more, the better! We can get discounts on rooms, and it means more people get to enjoy the trip ^_^

I already feel excited! I've been getting as many estimates as I could (which is hard, since it's too far away for the sites to let me know of anything) but so far, the plane tickets are looking like $1000, some hostels at about $600 each, there's the train passes which are at $500, passports at $100, and food will probably run us $200. I estimated that if we all saved at least $150 per paycheck from now until December, we would have enough for the plane tickets and a deposit for a hostel, in January, we could get our passports, late February, we could order our train passes, and walk out the door, ready to go by April. I wish it were that simple, lol, and in actuality, we'll probably be rushing around, trying to make arrangements and making sure we don't forget anything. That's why I'm making a list of items we'll need/want to bring, and a schedule for when things need to be done. Why so early? Well, have you ever made a list a week or two away from a trip of things you need to get, gone on your trip, and suddenly realized that you forgot to put something on your list? That's why I'm doing it so early. Now we've got plenty of time to suddenly exclaim that we have to bring such-and-such with us, and the schedule makes sure that we don't forget to do something too late. If we don't get our passports before our trip, it won't happen, and if we don't order our tickets and save a spot for us at the hostel, you better believe we won't have anywhere to stay besides some super expensive hotel, especially during cherry blossom season (which is why I've specifically chosen early April as opposed to some other time).

Really, this is all just a lot of guesswork and possibilities. No one will really know if they can make the trip until the end of December at the very latest, so if in the end, no one has the money, we'll just shift the date and keep saving. But I think at least Tara and I can do it. Back when I was only getting 7-12 hour days for $8.15 an hour (and actually for several months, I was making less than that an hour!), I managed to buy 4 dolls in the course of a year: a DoD Twing-key for $280, a Soom Amber for $900, and the Soom Bygg and Beyla set for $770 total. That's just under $2000 on my old paycheck. If I can do that on pittance, I can surely do this.

When I did my interview, and she asked me why I wanted to leave my old job. I told her that I was tired of not having hours, and she excitedly began to tell me that they would gladly give me around 30 hours a week if I left GS and stayed with them. Um, yes please! I already know I can stand around for hours on end, the job speaks to my artistic side and allows me to explore color combinations, and if we're busy, I don't actually have to give one-on-one attention (but I can, because this is a field I know a lot about, which I can't say the same about video games anymore). The more I start looking at what needs to be done to accomplish what I want done, the better things look. If they give me at least 20 hours a week, I'll be able to put aside $200 per paycheck, have enough to pay my grandma for the water bill, and have enough to live off of (those days I spent barely having any money was clearly in training for times like this!). If they give me 30 hours (easily done by giving me 6 hours for 5 days), I'm looking at $200 towards trip, money for water bill, and enough money to save for new luggage, a cute traveling wallet, work clothes, trips to pick up the next Ageha.

...Or I can put some of that extra money towards to trip too, and have tons of money to buy clothes! I decided that if I save a few thousand, after everything I have to pay for has been accounted for, that I would splurge at BTSSB and Deary (they must have a store), pop by Bodyline and Golds Infinity, and maybe get myself a genuine Liz Lisa article. I'll have to work hard, because the more money I'll have to spare for Shibuya, the less money I'll spend when I go everywhere else! Knowing me, I'll spend most of my money there, then in Osaka or something, I'll see something I'll absolutely must have, but by then, it'll be too late, and I won't have any extra cash XD Maybe I should separate my money, some for Shibuya, the rest for everywhere else!

You can see, I'm really excited about all of this, even though it's all just a possibility. Well, a possibility that has a very high chance of happening, as long as nothing bad happens along the way ^____^

One day, I'm not going to be able to just up and do this. A lot of girls and guys my age, people I went to school with, now have kids, are married, have families.... They can't just pop on Facebook, and proclaim "I'm going to France, anyone in??" They've got a family to consider, and one day, so will I. So I won't wait any longer.

Go for it!
~Lots of Love~