Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shopping Spree! (Part 2 - Even More Stuff!) (PIC HEAVY)

Hello all~

I've recently come to a realization.
I really like to shop, lol.

I know, that's so typical, right?  Girls liking to shop?  Well, I never used to like shopping.  Actually, I used to find it pretty pointless.

Anyway, why am I saying this?  Well, since my last post, I've added a ton of pieces to my wardrobe.  Seriously, as I was originally finishing this, a bunch of items I ordered on Ebay came in, and then when I finally finished adding those to this post, even *more* things arrived.   And then I bought a lot of things....  Well finally, everything I've ordered has arrived, I've tried everything on, and I can finally talk about them.

So, let's continue, shall we?

 As I said some time ago, I really needed accessories.  I really needed accessories.   Now, I decided to stay simple.  Pearls!  Pearls are absolutely classic, and certainly go with my style pretty much no matter what I plan to wear.  Fortunately, the classic retro look is really in, so they had a whole section with their spring collection full of gorgeous gold and pearl accessories!

Bottom: Icing, Others: Charming Charlie
A lot of these necklaces are, as my friend Tara calls them, "sneaky", lol.  It gives me the look of layers without having to layer, so I didn't have to turn down a necklace because I already had a long one or anything like that.   Makes getting dressed a little easier too.  My favorite is the gold one with the bow, since it's really simple and can be casual or dressy, depending on what I wear.  The black one on the end is one I've had for a while.

I bought so many, I had to buy a jewelry display case for them all!  Fortunately, they had one at Icing.

Bow earrings: Icing, feather earrings: Forever 21, Others: Charming Charlie.
I now also have proper earrings!   The ones with the feathers and the black ones are some that I've had for quite some time, but I could never find anything to pair them with previously.

From Charming Charlie
 Because of my small wrists, it's hard to wear bracelets, since they just slip right off.  But I found these nice stretch ones!  Maybe over time, I can find a few more that will fit.

**Hair accessories**
Top left corner: Love Culture, Floral Headband: Charming Charlie, Others: Icing
They've started selling those cute usamimi headbands recently!   I've wanted once since they were popular, like, a year ago, lol.  I bought the mint one to go with a new top (which is below).  I've been heavily inspired by Okarie recently, so I've started getting into little barrettes.   I wish we had some similar barrettes like the ones on Ank Rouge.

Top Row: Target, Bottom: Ebay
All from Ebay
I really needed belts, lol.  You can get the Ebay ones here, here, and here.  They're of really good quality, especially considering the price!   I really like the leather style ones in the second photo, though when I got them, they had a weird, spicy smell, like cauliflower.  It's gone now, but I have no idea what it was.

Top: DSW, Middle: Storenvy, Bottom: Target
My dream shoes!!   Since last June, I've been looking for a pair of low-heeled wing-tipped Oxfords like these.  I just couldn't find them anywhere without having to pay some astronomical price....   But I decided to take my chances at the local DSW.  I checked the discount sections first, but I just couldn't find anything.  Just when I was losing hope, I decided to just browse the lanes.  First, I discovered that some of their discounted shoes were also in the lanes too, but second, these shoes!  At first, I was disheartened, as I couldn't find my usual size 8.5, but as I walked away, I had a feeling I should try the smaller one just in case, so I took a chance and tried the size 8....

Well, I wouldn't be showing them off if they didn't fit, right?   They're fairly comfortable to walk around in  too (though I have to learn to slow down and stop walking like I'm on a mission, lol).  I still need to find a nice pair of flats though, but I just can't get a right idea of how I want them to look, just that I want some everyday shoes to wear.

The middle ones were bought recently.  I got them from DollDelight's Storenvy page here (she also has them in black).  They are a half size too small for me, but I actually knew that coming in.  I'm hoping to get them stretched out a bit.  Very cute and true to the images.  They're also surprisingly light.

The final pair are from Target that I bought sometime in early January.  They're pretty nice looking, but they hurt to wear when walking for long periods.  I can pull them up for boots, or I can zip it down a bit and make it fur trimmed.

**Leggings and Socks**
Left two: Target, Right two: Ebay (ignore the stains on the last one, I wore them with my oxfords the day before, so they haven't been washed yet)
Left two: Target, Right: Ebay
All from Ebay
Upon seeing that my LL trunk was in the area and probably going to be at my house the next day, I decided to buy some leggings at Target.  They had a bunch on clearance, again, probably because they were part of their autumn collection.  Nothing much to say about them, lol, though I guess I will say that the beige ones are really nice and warm, and the brown ones (not shown) go perfectly with the color of the flowers on my LL dress and my blue Yumetenbo dress (which I've posted a coordinate for some time ago).

The sheer socks came from this shop.  The quality is amazing, and since it came from California, it only took a couple of days to reach me.   I'm thinking of buying some more.  They probably look cream colored, but they're more of a pale yellow.  The lace topped ones come from here.  They're really soft and look super cute with my oxfords.

The stockings are from here, here, and here.  I went a little crazy at the first shop, lol.   Surprisingly, the stockings all fit great, and weren't too short for me at all!  The dark beige leggings I got so I could wear them under my stockings on cooler days, so I can wear shorts and stockings even during the beginning of autumn.  The color matches my legs pretty closely.  The white stockings were a little short on me, so I have to stretch them a little.  You can't tell when I'm wearing a dress, but I try to be careful since I don't want to break them.  In the closeup, it looks like a fishnet style, but when it's worn, the lines disappear and only the dots show.

**Fur collar**
From Etsy
I finally have one!  I've wanted one since they were popular some time ago.  I just think they look so elegant!  I just need a nice lace capelet or collar to wear under it.  I bought this here.


Surprise!  I bought some wigs!   Rikku did a review on a wig she bought from an Ebay shop, and at their low prices, I figured, why not give it a try?  They're all in dark brown, which I've decided is part of my motif, lol.  Other colors look really nice, but I just love the mood that dark hair brings.  I just love being a brunette!

Of course, the fibers are shiny, however, the quality is quite good, and the wigs are pretty well made especially for the price.   A few bits of hair came out from the bob, but nothing that caused any bald spots (and I used the pieces to test their heat resistance).  It looks really sleek and nice.  This one is my favorite wig.

The curly wig is pretty good.  There isn't much to say about it, except that I've come to the conclusion that curly hair will always look a little messy once out of the bag, lol.

The full wig is the longest, far longer than I even expected.  But it had a really terrible smell!  I had to leave it out for a few days to air out.  I didn't have this problem with the curly one, though the bob had a little bit of a plastic smell.  Well, regardless of the smell, it's pretty cute!  I have plans to style it a bit, since it's got such a nice texture and it's so full looking.

**More clothes!**
From Francesca's
Okay, can I just say, I love these items?   I know, I know, I've said that about a lot of things, lol.  These tops are just too darling, I want to wear them all the time, especially the beige one!  They also layer perfectly with each other.  They were having a buy one, get one half off that day.

From Forever 21
This skirt is just all of the love I have.   I have wanted a pleated skirt like this since I first saw Satomin wearing one.  Then I saw them everywhere on Codenote, and I think even Okarie had one.  I wanted one in pink, and of course, that's the one color that was unavailable whenever I finally did find one of these skirts....  But I found one!  When I saw it, I basically made a beeline for it immediately.  The top from F21, however, I should have been more careful of, lol.  It looked better on the rack, and I would have tried it on, but I was with my friend, and I didn't really want to make her wait, so I just bought it.  When I got home, I ripped one of the seams while trying it on, so I didn't think I could return it.  It's kind of flimsy feeling, and it definitely requires a new ribbon than the really cheap one they provided.   I'm sure I can make it work eventually, but I didn't spend much on it either way.  The skirt more than makes up for it.

From Target
These are a little more recent.  I wanted a less bulky sweater to wear when I'm indoors (since it's hot out now, so everyone pumps the A/C to astronomical levels), and of course, it had to be neutral to match my color scheme.   I tried it on, and it looked really good.  It was only once I got home that I discovered it was a size XXL.  Man, I wonder how small the small size is....  The blazer I bought on sale for $10!  It's a medium, but I really liked the shape of it on me.  I need to find a bigger button for it though, because it keeps unbuttoning, lol.  And the shorts are actually as size large... in children's sizes....   I'm embarrassed to know that I have the figure of a 12 year old.   But I really liked these shorts.  It does mean I have another section of the store I can shop at.  It's still really embarrassing though....

From Love Culture
These items are very new, just bought them a couple days ago.  First, I am in love with this store.   I mean, I think I wanted, like, 85% of the store.  I had only gone through the first section, and I had seven things I wanted to try.  In fact, it's only because they didn't look right on me that I didn't spend as much as I could have.  Anyway, more and more tops.  I finally have a cute neutral top to wear under my sheer items (which now composes much of my wardrobe since sheer is in for spring, I guess...) so I don't have to wear the other one over and over.  The other items are just lace, lace, and more lace!   The cardigan is actually too small on me, but I couldn't find any others, and it was really cute (and only $8).  I just can't button the top button, lol.  Otherwise, everything else is just really cute stuff with really good prices and great quality.  I'll be returning soon!

I now have a wardrobe that makes it impossible not to look good.   Even if I fall back on a 'T-shirt and jeans' coordinate, my shirts and jeans are all so cute that it'll look like I tried.  It's a really good feeling to see so much progress being made at once.   I'm getting closer to that "Vintage Princess" look I've been striving for.  To be honest, I thought it would take forever to get here!

I was planning on posting some coordinates using my new things, but I think this post has gone on long enough.  Besides, now that I have some new things, I can come up with even more ideas, even including my older purchases!   And now that I've posted everything I've got, I can finally start posting regular stuff again (I've been holding off so I wouldn't delay this post any longer).


  1. Woah! So many new clothes! Lucky Lucky! I lovea all your pearly peices! They look so cute ^.^

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I went a little crazy with buying stuff after I got my trunk, lol, especially since springtime is when lace, pastels, and flowers are popular. It's the perfect time for me to buy! ^_^

  2. Wow you had really went spree-crazy! Puts the shame in "shop until you drop". xD But then again, I have been as well. In fact, I don't even think I am done my shopping yet and I had already bought a ton of stuff like you did!

    Now I honestly don't know where to start, since there is so much stuff! My favourites has got to be the accessories (naturally), the tights, and of course the lace tops (also naturally). Sorry to hear that your Forever21 top had ripped at the seams while you were trying it on. You should totally try fixing that! I had to fix a couple of my stuff because it was either that 1) the buttons were too loose or 2) a sleeve had ripped opened. Makes me very glad that I know how to sew.

    1. Lol, yeah, I've been spending a little from each paycheck since March. Just a couple days ago, I bought some hats, and I'm planning on buying some pants from Love Culture next week and this really interesting bun tutorial set from Icing. It never ends, lol.

      I did fix the top, but in the end, it just doesn't look too good, since it's so cheap.... I really should have just inconvenienced my friend for a few minutes to try it on, so I could have put it back and gotten something else.

  3. I was really anticipating Part 2, haha, and I kept checking back so frequently. The last few days, I don't think I checked. The only reason I saw this was because I saw I got a hit to my site from this page about two days ago, haha! I saw "shopping spree part 2" and I was like, "YAY!"

    Wooo! Congratulations on having no choice but looking good!! ♥ That's pretty much the only goal I have, haha. I particularly love your new necklaces, stockings (omg, the white), and lacey, layer-y tops from Love Couture. Beautiful!

    Ah, yes, being small enough for children's wear! I'm usually a size XL more or less myself, but lately the sizes seem to be getting bigger at Target. Like, now I have to go for a size L because XL is way too big. I never found it embarrassing, however, because a lot of the time the Childrens' section have better stuff than the Juniors' and Adults'! Though, I admit it'd be discouraging when you're looking for something that's particularly ladylike and all the lady stuff is too big. Still, your shorts were a good find!

    1. Haha, that was probably me! I was just thinking that I hadn't been to your blog in a couple of weeks.

      Thank you so much! I've finally gotten the push I needed to get rid of all but 3 T-shirts (my favorite DJ Hero shirt and a Donald Duck shirt to wear as pajamas, and a family reunion shirt that I'd feel weird donating). I never thought I'd be at this point.

      I don't know, I just feel weird being there. They do, however, have some of the best shorts!

  4. wow you got lots of stuff XD
    I actually was the same. I never liked shopping, but now I like to buy lots of stuff xD

    I really like those brown shoes with the ribbon in front and also the ankle socks. so cute^-^

    btw thanks for following, I'm following you too now:33

    1. It's really strange how people can change so much, right?

      I really need to stretch them out. They're so cute, but I can't get my heel in them, lol. And the ankle socks are so soft and only cost a few dollars! It's such a bargain, I want to buy a few more to have on standby!

      And thank you~<3

  5. Sorry that this is off-topic, but I found something that made me think of you and your style. I just had to share it or I was going to explode!

    I was browsing Forever21's website just now, when I found this bracelet:

    I thought it was Hime Kei appropriate enough, but when I saw the peach colour option, I thought it looked very much your style to me!

    To prevent future spamming of your page, I'm going to look into that Google Connect feature. Sorry for the spam, but I didn't know where else to send it to and it just looked so you!

    1. That is quite me! I could really use more bracelets, especially some color ones.

      And you can always post stuff on my page! I like messages! I can also just give you my e-mail, since I have no idea how GFC really works, besides adding people to my blog list, lol.

    2. Ok, cool! I'm so afraid of spamming by posting something off-topic to a given entry, so I'm glad you're ok with it. =D

      You know, I was trying to figure out the GFC thing because it said messages can be exchanged between members; but every time I tried to read more information, I'd get a page that said, "the information you're looking for is not available". Google's been really buggy lately; on the 27th, I tried 6 times to reply here, but a window popped up that said "ERROR 404". Tonight, this one is my 2nd attempt (the page refreshed while I was typing. X_X)

      So, after all this, I am totally open to trading email addresses if you like! XD

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Didn't want anyone to use our e-mails for anything, lol.

    5. Just in case my emails are going to go weird and crazy again, I'm letting you know here that I've reported the problem to Microsoft for their opinion on the matter >_< (I sent other emails as tests to other addresses, and the problem hasn't been repeated -- no idea what's going on!). I've taken two screenshots for the Microsoft team if they need them, but I've blacked out your name and email address in them (and blurred half your sentence regarding the weird thing). ;)

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  7. This is pretty inspiring! I have been buying new wardrobe stuff lately and while I'm closer to the "only have cute things to wear" stage I'm not quite there and I thought it would take a lot of time and money to get to that last step. Now I feel like it's achievable! I should just go for it and throw out all the old unflattering clothes I hate, but wear just because they're there. Awesome finds!

    1. It was such a great feeling to finally get rid of all of those old T-shirts. It can be so easy to go back to old ways when I'm feeling lazy, even though I know I won't be happy if I wear them. It's just a feeling I know so well that it's weird to do anything else. But now that they're gone, I can truly let that part of me go. And on the plus, I have more space for things I will wear!

      I definitely recommend switching out the new for the old. At the very least, it'll clear out some space for things you really would like!