Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shopping Spree! (Part 1 - The Clothes *Pic Heavy*)

Hello all~

I've gone away again, lol.  I've been distracted~!  I really only kept up with my main blogs (though I never commented, and I totally should have) and read my comments (I read them all!).  I'm getting back into ball joint dolls, and I just bought one with the intention of buying another, so I've been hanging out on Den of Angels, lol.  The plan is to make a pair of my own Gyaru dolls!   But I've managed to pull myself away from my excitement to finally finish this post I've been wanting to finish since... last month?

Anyway, I've been shopping!

I got my tax refund~  It was quite a bit!  Immediately, I used it to pay off the shipping for my Liz Lisa trunk.

But something happened when I got it.  It ended up changing my priorities.  See, I was thinking about saving up to go to Japan for next year, but getting my new clothing and making so much progress in my fashion really made me happy.   I started thinking, why was I originally going to Japan?  To get more clothing, mostly.  Yeah, I wanted to check out the sights and whatnot, but more than anything, I was going at that specific time because I wanted to get a bunch of fukubukuro from the source.

In the end, I decided I would postpone the trip (and maybe I could go with someone else then), and I would focus on expanding my wardrobe as well as defining my new fashion direction (which I've done a lot of work on both!) and working on my hobbies. 

 So no Japan for me too soon, but I'm not sad at all.  Like I said, I made a lot of progress!

And speaking of that progress, I ended up buying A LOT of things.  Not only did I get my trunk, I finally found a pair of low heeled oxfords in dark brown, I bought a ton of leggings, lots of accessories, and a few extra pieces of clothing, including some lovely casual dresses~

I've got a lot of photos to show you, so I'm going to divide the posts into two.  This one is for the clothing.  If you want to see my accessories, check out my next post (I wrote these at the same time, so you won't even have to wait long!)

First things first, I bought a new phone!   I really needed to upgrade from my little flip phone of decades past, as not only was it really difficult to text with, the battery life was pretty low from being recharged so often, and the back had broken, so it wouldn't close completely.  This new one looks so fancy and 2011-ish, lol.  It also has a pretty nice camera, so it'll be easier to take pictures.   In fact, I took all of these pictures using my phone!  Unfortunately, they don't make hard cases for it yet, so I can't deco it yet.  I can come up with ideas in the meantime, and hopefully they'll make something.

Anyway, let's start with my Liz Lisa trunk!

First off, my trunk is adorable!
Yes, it's pink, but it's that vintage look and the scalloped edges that really get me.  I wish I could have more of these!

It's even lined nicely!

**The clothes!**
Unfortunately, my curiosity got the best of me, and I ended up looking up reveals while I waited for my refund.   Turns out, they revealed what would be inside the trunks on the very website itself!  I was a little worried, because many of the items, I didn't think I would like.  Fortunately, I was super surprised once I got to see them in person~


Okay, let me tell you, I love this coat.   I feel like such a princess when I wear it.  Apparently, it wasn't to a lot of people's tastes?  Ah well, I think it's absolutely lovely, and it kept me nice and warm during all the snowy weather we had in February.  Oh, and the fur collar is detachable!


Okay, I love these sweaters~!  Not only are they soft, they're really warm.   I especially like the color block one.  It's a little bulky, but it's so cute!  It's great as an off-the-shoulder type, or a boat neck.


At first, I didn't think I would like this dress, because I already have a pink floral dress with short sleeves.  But while they have some similarities, they ended up quite different.

Oh, and the front actually opens!  The buttons on the front (if you can actually see them, lol) aren't just for show!  I really like this dress.  But it's pretty close in the chest.  I'm not sure if all of their close fitting tops/dresses are similar, but if they are and they aren't stretchy, you may have trouble wearing them if you're over 32in in the bust.

Also, it's short, lol.  If you're taller than 5'4", you might want to get some shorts or add on another skirt underneath.  It looks fine on me when I'm standing, but should I bend over, I'd be giving everyone a peek, lol.


The blouse has to be my absolute favorite.   I wish I could wear it with everything!  It's sheer, and I can wear it in so many different ways.

The tank top fits pretty well, which I was worried about that.  The arm holes are pretty small though, but aren't uncomfortably positioned.  It's really sheer too, for some reason.  I have to wear a nude tank top under it, lol.

The T-shirt was another item I didn't think I would like, but once I coordinated it, it looked pretty good.   I wish the neck was a little smaller though, but it's good for casual wear.  Also, the back is sheer too!  What's with all the sheer in the tops?

The only disappointing ones.   First off, the white one doesn't really seem like a dress, but more like an under skirt or some sort.  I would have liked it more if the tulle on top was longer and didn't reveal the shorts underneath!  And the fabric feels really cheap.  Maybe I can add a lace trim to the end?  It would have been nice to wear underneath a long sweater.

And while the beige skirt looks really nice, it just doesn't hang right on me.   First off, my hips are 34 inches.  Even though it has elastic around it, the way they sewed it, only the waist part stretched, and there was a weird seam that they overlocked in that kept it from actually stretching to fit.  I could barely put it on!  In the end, I think I broke a few threads just to get it to slip on, but even then, it just didn't look right on me, and I'm not sure why.   I feel like it hangs like all of my other dresses....  I'm wondering if it's just that I haven't found a good way to coordinate it?

I also got a fuzzy bag with my trunk, though I have no idea what to do with it, lol.

Well, that was my Liz Lisa pack, but that's not all I got!  Once I got the pack, I stopped by Target after work.  Originally, the plan was to get a nice pair of skinny jeans, but I was in luck with all of the wonderful things they had, not only in their jeans section, but in their sale sections!


I love love love the light blue ones!   They make my legs look amazing, and they go with all of my Liz Lisa stuff.  Also, I can't believe they were long enough!  Usually, I have to get the long versions of pants (if I'm lucky enough to find a brand that has those), or go a size up and wear a belt.  But if I did that, it would defeat the purpose of skinny jeans, lol.

The shorts stole my heart though.   The lace flower panels are just gorgeous!  I can't wait until the temperature goes up a bit, so I could pair these up with some cute leggings.

I really only got the dark pair so that I could have another pair of jeans, lol.  I can't just wear the light blue ones, I guess (even though they look so good!)  I bought them in the same size and fit as the light blue, but for some reason, they're really tight!  I don't particularly love them, but they were the best of the dark jeans that were there.  I probably should have checked out Old Navy or something, lol.


Here come the sale items from Target.  I guess they were for the autumn season, since these were 30% off.   I thought they were maxi dresses, actually, until I tried them on and realized they were asymmetrical.  They're really cute, and I just need some more blouses and some belts for them!  When I finally get that receptionist job, I'm going to be so prepared!

Then, in mid April, I randomly stopped by Kohl's.  I finally found a cute lace skirt!  It fits well as its own skirt, and looks good under my baggy sweaters too!  It's really soft and comfortable too~!


Okay, I love this striped dress.   In fact, I fell for it the second I saw it.  I found it at Target, and it was the last one in my size.  When I tried it on, it fit like a dream!   Really, it feels like they got my measurements and made this dress for me.  I can wear it casually, or even dress it up a bit!  It's really comfortable, and it was 30% off!

The second one is from Kohl's.  It's absolutely cute, but I'm really paranoid about strapless dresses, lol.  Still, it looks so good on me, I might be willing to take the risk, and I guess if it's just too much for me to worry about, I can wear a top under it.  I want this to be my "little black dress".  I'm glad I decided to try it out, because I almost walked past it since it was strapless!

Finally, the last one is the dress I bought from Amordress!  It's really cute, but wide in the waist, so it has no shape on me (since I don't have hips, lol).  I need to take it in a bit, and once I do, it'll be perfect!  It's also strapless, lol.  I can't stay away from strapless dresses or high heeled shoes....

Anyway, I'll be getting to work finishing up the next post~!  Stay tuned!


  1. I love all your Liz Lisa items, they are stunning and the jeeans you got from Target look good too~ I like the rips in them.

  2. Really lovely items you got!! <33 It's true, the Liz Lisa trunk was same for everyone this year which was a bit disappointing.. I ordered Ma*rs and it was the same thing.. Still lovely <333 (^uu^)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it was a little disappointing that there wasn't even one item that was different, but at least most of the things I got were really nice ^_^

  3. They're all so cute!! I especially love the cardigans. ; u ; <3

    1. Thank you! They're really soft and warm~!

  4. Gorgeous haul! What a bummer about those two skirts, but if you really can't wear them, maybe you can take them apart and turn them into something else? Maybe transform them to trims and/or accents for existing clothes, accessories (hairbows, for example), maybe even clothing for your new BJDs? Just if you find them absolutely unwearable!

    1. Thank you! Lol, I'm not sure I'm confident enough to try and take them apart XD The shorts I guess I can wear as an underskirt, since it's really thin and short, so it doesn't show under anything. As for the skirt, if I can't figure out why it doesn't sit right on me, I think I'll just donate it.

  5. Wow! It really sounds like you were quite on the shopping spree! xD Frankly I felt the same way, ever since I had cleaned out a portion of my wardrobe and am now eagerly searching around for cute clothes looking for a new home! I am not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, so this fits my plans perfectly!

    That Liz Lisa trunk is drop-dead gorgeous! <3 Must have cost a fortune to ship it, but it must've been worth it huh? Haha! I love all of the clothes! Frankly, I tend to stay away from short skirts in general, since I am a tall individual and they just feel uncomfortable to wear (I have a couple in my wardrobe, so it is not miniskirt hate for the heck of it). One could say that I have a *gasp* Lolita mindset when it comes to skirts, since my ideal length is knee-length.

    Anyway, can't wait to see all of your clothes in action! ^^ Oh and your new phone as well!

    1. Quite a bit of one, in fact! And being able to get rid of so many bulky shirts and pants felt so good. Now when I go out, I have no excuse, it's so easy to get some cute jeans and a cute shirt and look like I tried, lol.

      I think it cost an additional $100? But at the price the clothing was originally going at (they all had price tags), I think $300 would have paid for the trunk, the coat, and the dress, so I still saved a lot. I only like wearing dresses and skirts if I can wear something under them, like my ruffle culottes. Then again, I'm not really tall, lol.

      And I have taken a few coordinate pictures! I'm going to post them in the next installment, since it's a little easier to show off my accessories.

  6. Sorry this is off topic, but I only heard about the midwest flooding last night (I've been way out of the loop of the media, save for the bombers). I hope you and yours are safe and sound! X_X

    1. I am, thank you so much for your concern <3 Fortunately, we were spared a good deal of it in this area, and all that happened was a few lane closings.

    2. Thank God! It is such a terrible thing to watch. Please be careful.

  7. I love everything you got, especially the dresses, and the little t shirt with the bow on it!! They're all so pretty <3 <3

  8. I haven't been a good blog follower but I wanted to say that I'm happy to see that you're blogging again. You are one of my Gaijin Hime inspirations! I followed you when you were starting out and I enjoy seeing your progress!

    I'm not usually a big fan of Liz Lisa (or maybe I'm just bitter I probably can't fit in it) but the lucky pack, er, trunk looks like it had some nice things in it! My family actually dislikes Hime style but I bet I could sneak it in with these cute and casual Liz Lisa clothes! ^_~

    Do you happen to have the link to the strapless dress that you got from the brand "Amordress"? It's super cute! (And if you would be super-duper nice, the measurements? I'm not too worried about the waist, but I definitely have a problem being too big in the bust of just about everything. Curse you 34DD's! ;_;)

    1. First of all, thank you so very much. I mean, I truly appreciate your support. I honestly believe I have some of the best followers out there <3

      I think Hime-kaji is a great way to get a bit of that Hime feel without having to go all out with big hair and whatnot. My family was also a little iffy when I was showing them the style, but as I started introducing bits and pieces of the style and including them in everyday wear, I guess it stopped looking like a costume and more like just really sweet looking clothing. Now my family really likes it (though my grandma still thinks I'm only doing it because I want guys to notice me, lol).

      This particular dress sold out shortly after I got it unfortunately, however, they do have another version of it here (the skirt part is brown instead of white). According to the page, the chest goes up to 34 inches. The fabric is silk, so it may get a little extra stretch, but I don't know how much. I hope that helps, and good luck!

  9. we got the same lucky pack:3 I also just love the trunk. It has a vintage flair I think. I already used it once to travel with it and everybody loved it XD

    I personally didn't really like the brown coat because it's not really my style. I think it's cute though. But yeah, I saw a lot of people selling it. (I also tried lol. maybe when it gets colder I'll try again xD).

    I also love the pullovers*-* they're SO soft.

    Also love the last dress you bought. flowers♥

    1. It is a really cute trunk <3 I wish they had some more size versions of it! I'd love to have a little train case or an actual suitcase!

      Good luck in selling it next year! Hopefully, a bunch of other people don't have the same idea, lol.

      They are! I was afraid to wash them, because I thought the fibers would get all matted, but then it came out even softer!

      And I really love it too! I just wish it fit, lol!

  10. That trunk is absolutely perfect, oh my gosh~ * u * Sorry if this is odd but do you know the measurements of the Liz Lisa coat? I'm thinking of purchasing it on Mbok but my SS can't ask the seller :c

    1. It's not an odd question at all! Pretty much most of these are approximate measurements, but hopefully they'll still give you an idea: the bust is 36in, the waist is 33in, the shoulder width is 18in, the length of the sleeves (from shoulder seam to end) is 22in, and the length of the coat is 31in. The bottom of the coat flares out, so there's plenty of space in the hip area.

      If you want to know any other measurements, let me know! ^_^