Friday, December 7, 2012

Building a Wardrobe

Hello all~

Sorry I've been away these days.  I've been working on a new layout for this blog, and I wanted to come back when it was finished, but it's taking longer than I hoped.  But I really felt like posting, so I guess the big reveal will happen later!

Guys, I've been feeling a little down lately.
It feels like everyone and their dog is buying a thousand-some pieces for their Gyaru wardrobe and leaving me in the dust.

Due to a new monetary obligation and my own inability to save money, I haven't touched my clothing wishlist.   Sure, I still look at all the pretty clothing as they come and go on Yumetenbo and mbok, but I always feel so guilty for not jumping on them when I could have.  I've missed out on so many things, so I feel like a bad Hime because I'm not making much progress when it feels like it's so easy for everyone else....