Sunday, March 7, 2010

Will I ever keep up??

I'm back! I swear I didn't forget this place, I just kept... not coming here, lol. I would look at my poor neglected bookmarked page, and go "I don't have anything to say!"


I do have things to say!
Well, lately, I've been learning to style my hair and put on makeup. I guess I've mastered the smokey look, but I need more pallets. I bought a couple at a buy one, get one half off sale at Icing, in grays and neutrals, looking to get some pinks soon.

In the meantime, I bought some new games, the final NIS game for my DS collection and Mana Khemia 2 and Soul Nomad for the PS2, which I haven't even taken out of the box! I'm not being wasteful, I promise I'll play them eventually, but I have to get them now before I never see them again.

Anyway, take a gander at this lovely dress from Fanplusfriend. I got a ton of extra hours at work for next week, so I think I'll order it, plus a few things from Rakuten (Yes, I'm trying again.) Probably Rakuten first, Yumetenbo (DreamV) tends to sell out of the things I like most (like those pink fur ankle boots I loved *sob*)

Speaking of the job, our replacement boss Galen is finally moving back to his original store. We got a new boss, who I already like. Well, I've actually worked with him before, back when our original boss was still around *not* working. FINALLY, we have a boss who's not afraid to punish Dan for being completely lazy! He gave Dan an ultimatum: either he works like the rest of us and stops calling off for no reason, stops half-assing everything, and stops lying about why he's suddenly got to leave early (yes we've proved many times that he's lied), or in two weeks, he'll be finding himself a new job. The kid... or I guess I should start calling him Jake now, he's been absolutely amazing to work with, besides the obvious reasons. Lately, he's been increasingly more comfortable with me, and even makes silly comments around me. I try to read body language, see if he's into me, but I'm still no good at that, lol. But that's besides the point, we don't need Dan anymore. He's only good for speaking to our Spanish speaking customers, but he's always calling off and coming in really late/leaving early that his 'talents' are almost useless.

Recently, I bought a cookbook with college students in mind. No, I'm not going back to college... yet... but it's got a lot of simple recipes that don't involve a ton of time or ingredients. I've already made 3 different things from it. And while I was out buying ingredients one day, I bought some juices from Snapple. There was a particular juice with Noni fruit. It said on the bottle that it boosts your mood... and it's true! I tried it before I read the bottle, and for the whole day, I felt amazing and happy. It wasn't until a few hours after I finished drinking that I read the bottle and saw the description. Tried again recently, after I woke up feeling depressed. It really helped, I felt really nice all day ^^ What else... oh, and I found a gift card from Old Navy for $22. I can use it to buy some shorts. I went there a couple weeks ago, but the one pair of shorts I wanted, they didn't have in my size. I'll go back in a bit, it's getting warmer now, so there will be plenty of shorts for me to pick from.

I've discovered I'm a size 8 in shoes, and not 8 1/2, which means I'll have an easier time looking at Japanese shoes.

I'm in another doll layaway, this time for a Soom Chalco. I'm hoping to have him paid off by the end of April. After him, no more layaway, I have to promise myself that unless I get a good paying job.

I spend my days looking at townhomes I want to move into and furniture I want to buy for the future. My panic attacks stem not from work or money, but from my own grandma.

And I drew my first picture in months of inactivity.

That's my month. How was yours?
Oh, and a special thanks to my very first follower Terra. It made me smile to come back and find out that there's at least one person out there who wants to read my boring ramblings XD

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