Friday, March 26, 2010

Mechanical Pencils

I'm a gyaru alright.
I mean, no, it's not like something I've just discovered.
But I was thinking about just now, literally. I'm a gyaru ^^ I don't mind it at all. Just that... well, you know. That's what I am.

Which one I am is probably the hard part. I love koakuma-kei (which from what I gather is a subdivision), I really love hime-gyaru, I love punk, sweet, and whatever gyaru styles I don't even know the name. I love big hair with ringlets, and I love short bobs with angular cuts. Of course, whenever I open an Ageha, I'm in love. Shooped to Hell and back, but I don't care, I like what I see. Not really into coco&lulu or the hip hop style (former because it's too kitschy for me, latter because I outgrew it a decade ago). Can I categorize myself?

I guess ultimately, I just like to be cute. It's what attracted me to Lolita, and consequentially Hime style (and I like them both, one gives me the chance to go back to my more innocent days, and the other gives me the chance to show that I am a woman, both allowing me to feel cute) Hime-gyaru gets kind of a bad rep. I read a lot of comments about how Lolitas are pure and sweet and Hime girls just want to pretend to be sweet because they're looking for a prince to come and save them. They have no thoughts in their head besides marriage, and will play up the innocence to win a man's heart. But it's not true! Lolita, Hime, Gothic, casual, I've seen it time and time again, how a person's personality contradicts what their clothing apparently dictates they should act. I'm not looking for a man to rush to the altar with! That is so 2 years ago =P

I forgot what my point was. I guess my style is just 'cute'. If it makes me squeal or go "awww!", I like it.

Sunday, I ordered some mechanical pencils and some colored lead, non-photo blue for pencils, and pink for me. They are love! I'm going to order some 0.7mm pencils, because they have some lead that comes in a pretty purple and an even lighter pink, and I wanted to get some non-photo blue in a bigger size. I must be the only person in the world who gets excited about pencils! I love these pencils~ I also got an eraser, one of those kinds you can click out. Not only are they extra cute, they're really comfortable to use. I could do with a whole collection of these, and if I had a collection of cute notebooks to go with it, I would surely be set.

Lately, I've been really looking at things to revamp everything. I want to get a cute dusty pink hair color, not too pale, but lighter than my hair is now. And I want a collection of deco nails XD And while I'm not sure if they'll be comfortable, and while I usually don't get into circle lenses, I saw a pair of these pink ones with an outer rim of brown that make brown eyes look like they're glowing (Sakura Pink from Fall in Eyez, if you've ever seen them) The more I immerse myself into all of this, the more I really like it. I wish I had started this years ago. My collection is coming along too slowly with my layaway impeding. Every time I say I want to focus on fashion and sell my ball joint dolls, I look at my dolls and start having fun with that XD I can't decide, so I won't. I'll just get a second job.

All of these awesome pages of words I can't read made me go in search of my kanji book and dictionary. I bought them back in high school because I kept checking out the kanji dictionary we had at my library, but I never used it after that. I still have them in pristine condition ^_^ Time to bust them out!

Whoever said honey is sweeter than sugar either lied or was in possession of the best honey in the world ;_; I should have just used brown sugar.

~Lots of Love~

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