Monday, March 15, 2010


Sorry I missed yesterday! I slacked again ;_;

I saw my mom yesterday ^_^ I decided I would cook for her, so I brought out my wonderful college cookbook and made chili! It came out great~ Really delicious, and super filling <3 It said it was enough for 4 servings, at first, I wasn't sure.... Sure enough! And I did it allllll by myself *feels accomplished* But enough about that.

After that, we decided to work on making me something. I decided on a high-waist skirt with a pleat at the bottom, one like my red skirt, but something to wear with my blazer. But we got the measurements wrong, and it ended up too small in the hips and too big in the waist. I suggested we add a panel on the side. We'll work on it next week.

I've got another midnight, this time for God of War 3, so it'll probably be super busy. Money is money ^^

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