Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More work!

I had a strange dream, where I was going back to school, and there was this guy that everyone else made fun of. But I was nice to him, and I guess that meant something to him. Well, one day, he snapped and started killing everyone one by one. There were 5 people left excluding me, and as he killed one more person, he told me to leave and never look back. I asked him what to do, and he told me that today, he was God. Then he pushed me out the door and locked behind him. It went forward a few decades, and they had completely covered up the wall. Some girls were going to class, and one of them was telling the other about the guy who killed everyone and that his ghost was trapped behind that wall.

How crazy was that dream?

Anyway, lately I've been getting into this show called Las Vegas. I used to ignore it when it originally aired years ago on NBC. I started watching it Monday because a show I was looking for wasn't on, and nothing else I wanted to see was on. Something funny was happening (can't remember what) so I just kept watching. It's pretty good! I thought it would be all serious like all of those cop and doctor dramas, but it's hilarious! And I get to watch 2 1 hour episodes back to back. I've got 5 years of shows to slowly catch up with ^^

Well, I've got work again tonight, with my first day off since Sunday on Thursday. I continue to search for a new job, waaaah! It's such a nice warm day, I bet Thursday it'll be really cold and muddy, and I'll cry! I want to go short shopping already!

I've been forgetting to end with this because it's been so long.
~Lots of Love~

Edit: I entered this drawing on Soom, the site where I got my ball joint dolls, and I just found out today that I won the 4th place prize!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Granted, I only won $5 in store credit, but I never win things from major sites. In fact, last thing I won was in 4th grade, when I got 2nd place in a spelling bee. In fact, as I clicked on the link to the list of winners, I was just scrolling down, totally preparing to have to try again next time, and there my screen name was! It gives me just a little boost in hope for my future ^_^ Better start bookmarking furniture for my future new house XDDD

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