Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fire, Fog, and Frilly things

Want to know what happened at my first midnight opening?

There was a fire over at the Portillo's across from us. The sky filled with smoke, it was weird. But then fog rolled in, seriously. So the fog caught the smoke and kept it in there air. It smelled like dust for hours! Our midnight was a success, though rather small, except some idiot called at 12:10 when everyone had already left. He called to ask if we could stay open so he could get there. Well, he got here.... And made us stay open an extra 10 minutes longer so he could cancel a reserve and trade in some games! Jerk!! He wasn't even that sincere when he thanked us after was the only one there, and he was keeping us open so late! I'll remember him forever! DDD8<

Anyway, made my wishlist for Rakuten again. My list is about $500 long, lol. I wish I could get someone out there to notice me for a new job, because I know I can't work at GameStop much longer. I like video games, but I can't afford any of the new systems, so I'm getting left behind when it comes to knowledge. I might try and transfer myself to some sort of boutique, though it would be awesome to work as a secretary, but I know they only look at college graduates.

It's the nicest day in history.... And I'm stuck at work! I should be going shorts shopping! Wahhhh!

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