Saturday, March 13, 2010


I finally broke down and read the latest Ageha that I downloaded (I'll go and buy it next week, I swear!), and I must say it's my favorite issue yet! A lot of hairstyles I haven't seen yet, some makeup styles that involve colors besides brown and pink, and lots of incredibly cute fashions of which I can go through my things and see if I can pull off (like this jean jacket my mom gave me years ago over one of those sundresses that my grandma happened to have gotten me last summer). There wasn't a page in there that I skipped over. LOTS of clothing ensembles, I'm excited to look through Forever 21 to find. I don't care if they're aimed at hostesses, I like Ageha. It's everything I want in a book, and it doesn't hurt that it's got adorable models like Riho-chan and Satomin XD

Speaking of Ageha, check out this blog entry from Himestyle, a blog I keep up with. It's got a translated blog of the Ageha model Sakurai Rina. Reading it really gave me a huge insight on who she is, and made me respect her tons more. A lot of people look at models, and think because there's only pictures of them running around having fun that they have no deep or serious thoughts running through their heads. It's not true!! Well, maybe in a few cases.... But only a few XD Anyway, this entry boosted Sakurina to a tie with second favorite model. Riho is still the champion though.

Yakuza 3 came out recently. There's a mini game where you can actually get with one of 8 of the models from Ageha. Yes, Riho and Sakurina are in it XD Not Satomin however. I believe she came in too late, even though she's one of their top models. And would they even let her in? She's only 19 now. They would have to lie about her age out here.

Outside of the world of Ageha, I'm hanging out with my mom tomorrow. When I was younger, I had lots of issues with her, but it was all just me being a teen. Nowadays, our relationship is great ^^ I'm learning not to just go with everything she says though XD I'm so used to getting in trouble for going against her, but it's okay! I like a sudden eyeliner, and I'm not a fan of contouring, because it makes my face look more mature (currently in a cute phase). I'm not sure what we'll do, but I think I'll make chili while I'm there. Yes, another thing from my cookbook, a slow cooking chili that I can prepare when I get there, let it cook for 4 hours, and then eat by dinner.

Ack! Better get going, I've got a long day at work today, and I was looking for a cute hairstyle to last me! I got on here instead XD

In a good mood~ Spring is finally here!
~Lots of Love~

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