Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The busiest un-busy week ever

Today, I had an interview for a new accessory store called Charming Charlie. Despite giving myself plenty of time to get there and try to find it, I still got lost. Fortunately, I brought my cellphone. She called me, and told me where to go. Once there, I think I wowed her XD She told me that she would put me on a trial run for the opening, where I would undergo training with some others. At first, I was thinking that this was their way of saying they were letting everyone in and that this was just a formality, but when I think about it, she didn't have to tell me that they would have this. In fact, if she didn't believe I was right for the job, it probably would have ended something like "Well, thank you for your time, I'll let you know what we decide soon!"

Go check out some photos of Charming Charlie! It's Illinois' first encounter of a store like this, but they've been around since 2004. They're like a warehouse of accessories ^_^ I like most that I don't have to give each customer one on one attention like I do at GameStop. The store is GINORMOUS, so I can get away with quickly helping someone, then heading off to organize things. Everything is color organized, which speaks strongly to the artist in me. I get to wear more trendy things too, like leggings and whatnot, party-wear that I can't wear at work.

This job makes me happy. Even if I don't get it, I'm glad I'm getting the opportunity. And if you're not lucky enough to have one of these in your area (I can't believe there aren't any in the big states like California and New York!) Go demand they send you some! Any accessory you can dream up, they probably have it, it seems.

Yesterday, we had a meeting at work. When I came in, Jake was there. I'm glad I got dressed up extra cute, in hopes of seeing him (he said he might not get to make it too, so I was glad he did) I wore my new shorts from Old Navy, and a blouse with a belt around my waist. I wish I had some more white thigh highs, because all I have are pink ones, and some white ones with stripes at the top. I wore the striped ones anyway, even though I don't know if they worked too well. Wellllll, as I went over to clock in, I looked up from the computer, and there Jake was! It looked like he was going to say something, but he ended up fixing some piece of paper, or pretending to, at least. I'm trying hard not to read into what he does, but it's so difficult! I'm trying to analyze if I should make a move or not. He'll be heading into college soon, so if I don't at least get my foot in the door, he'll find some college chick who will do it all, because she thinks it'll be the last time she gets to go crazy.

Seeing Jake makes me feel like I'm in high school again, and I'm crushing on the cute guy from my Biology class. Those were one of the few moments from back then that I liked. Passing by your crush as you went off to class, and gathering up all the strength you had just to say hi, giggling about him with your friends.... Yeah, it was boy-crazy girly stuff, but it was a lot of fun. I'm in my mid twenties, and simple pleasures like that comes few and far in between now.

And also:

Riho pout activate!! Nyaaaa~<333 How I adore Riho-chan so~

~Lots of Love~

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