Thursday, March 18, 2010

MITSUWA.... plus 2!

I thought I had posted something yesterday, lol. I guess because my last entry ran into the next day.

Anyway, it's yet another trip to Woodfield and Mitsuwa ^_^ Tara asked if she could bring her boyfriend. I like her boyfriend, I really do, but now I feel like I'll be a third wheel. They'll be all like "COUPLE~~<3" and I'm all.... not... haha. I've hung out with the two before. They sit on the same side of the booth when we eat, they walk side by side.... Ugh, I already feel like a 3rd wheel. Ah well, will immerse self in shopping XD

So, today, I get to wear my punk Lolita stuff that I got from Bodyline last year. I didn't get to wear it alllllll winter, and before winter, I only had a couple of weeks to wear it before it got too cold to do so. But today is in the upper 50s, and it's supposed to reach 66 by the afternoon~<3 If I don't wear it, I'll have to wait who knows how long. Maybe too long, and the weather will be too high to do anything with. Gotta seize today!

Better get going now, I've got lots to do.

~Lots of Love~

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