Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July's Ageha and New Hime Inspiration

Sunday morning, I was in for a huge surprise!
Not only had Ageha come out, but....  There was a new model on the cover!
Who is she?
It looks like she's a completely new comer named Megu Fujigamori.

I don't think I've ever seen her in any other issue before, and I was under the impression that they usually start off as guest models before they gain enough popularity that she gets voted into being a featured model.  Where did she come from?

Maybe their most popular models just didn't want to be exclusive?

Anyway, how do I think she fared?
Meh....  I mean, it's not like I never noticed her, but nothing really wowed me besides her eyes.  They're just so big and round. It looks like her style isn't quite defined just yet.

Well, on to the rest of the magazine!

Anyway, if you've ever had a problem with contouring, or where to contour, here's an issue for you.  They've also got a lot of eye makeup techniques, and some are really detailed too.
Sakurina was a stunner this time!  She did rocker and sweet looks this issue.
Most of the hairstyles are more on the simple side this time, not that it's a bad thing.

There's quite a bit of Hime-kaji styles, and marine type clothing as well.
Yukata section with a part dedicated to unique yukata ensembles.  I don't know why, but I really liked Satomin's schoolgirl yukata crossover.  I want to cosplay in that.
There's a section on headwear, oh, and scarves are in again.  Hope you saved yours from last summer!
Section on top and bottom lash combinations.
There's also some more bios of some of the girls.  You get to see some progression photos!  Here's Himena's~ (Ugh, I'm trying so hard not to be one of those "OMG HIMENA IS THE BESTEREST!!" types, but I really do adore her!)  She's paired up with the Gal-Loli that has been in their magazines a lot.  I have no idea what her name is though.
They also have a small section for how to do nails!
Here's a page from Megu's introduction.  It's not that she's not pretty, she's very much so!  But I can't really pinpoint her style.  I can pinpoint most of the reoccurring models style focus, like Satomin's sweet style and Sayo's mature and sexy look....  What's Megu's style focus?  I picked this page, because I like her in Bohemian (and we could do with a Bohemian-Gyaru influence in this magazine), but I think that has more to do with her hair....  Still love her eyes though.  Hope she's like Sakurina with her love of eye makeup!

(All images are from www.laurita.ch)

Oh man, it was Himena's birthday on Thursday!  What's worse, I even knew on the 21st that it was coming up!  Aww, I wanted to do something Hime-tastic that day, lol.

International Gyaru day was also on Saturday.  I didn't find out until Sunday, lol.  I wouldn't have done anything that day anyway.  After class, I just went to see my Poppy who's in town, and then I went home.

But more important than that, I have discovered a great new Hime inspiration~  Her name is Asa Amelia.
I don't know if she's actually Gyaru or if she's just inspired by the style, but I can't stop going through her coordinates!  She works at Hong Kong's Liz Lisa, so she usually posts photos of her "uniform" of that day (as you probably already know, they have a closet of clothes employees can choose from so that they can demonstrate the clothing and show how they can be coordinated).

If you're into Hime-kei, or just really like Liz Lisa and Tralala, check out her blog!


  1. Considering that I don't read the Ageha (better change that), I am a little confused when it comes to whos-who. ^^; Thanks for sharing the scans. Could use some makeup tips.

  2. @Lavenrose- Lol, well Sakurina is the one on the left on the cover. Definitely remember her, she and Satomin (the girl from the article before) are kind of the leaders. There's also here and here for names (it hasn't been really updated in a while though).

    Ageha, Popteen, and Vanilla Girl are my personal favorites for Hime styles, but I've also saved a few pages from places like Ranzuki, Egg, and Happie Nuts for makeup. I'd say, head to vvshu.com, go through some random magazines, see what you like. Then if something captures your attention, you can head over to Japanese Magazine Scans to download the full magazine, or maybe even buy them, if you can find a store that sells them. ^^

  3. OMGGGG ~!! Your bloggie so kawaii dayo (O_O;;)
    I follow you as WynterChanPakuPaku.desu --'
    care follow me neh?~♪ I'd thank you muchly (^o^---♥)


  4. @Anonymous- Thank you ^^ Sorry though, I don't do the whole... um, "Follow Exchange"? I guess that's what it could be called? Lol. But yeah, I only follow blogs if they interest me. Sorry!

  5. this number of ageha was great ^-^
    Well thanks to you now I know who is she ! ^^ cause when I saw the cover I was like "damn who is she ?! was she a model for ageha ?! " and you answered =) btw she looks really pretty
    Oh and I like your blog!

  6. @Ama Maiden- It really was ^^ I hope I can get it!
    I looked up Megu a little after I posted this blog, and it turns out she's been in Ageha since October in 2010! So I looked in my February 2011 issue, and she's all over the place! She even did an advertisement for some hostess dresses! She's really beautiful, but I guess she just doesn't stand out to me.... Maybe it's just me?

    And thank you~<3