Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This entry was so many days in the making....  and then I didn't know how to proceed, so I got lazy, lol.  I'm so sorry!!

My debut was... pretty quiet, lol.  Because it was going to be hot and I was going to be out all day (and I was out from 10a until 2a the next day!), I didn't even get to wear the outfit I planned....  I hadn't actually planned on doing anything Saturday previously; I was going to get dressed up and go to the mall or something, lol.  But I hadn't seen Niki in months.  It was worth it!

Anyway, my debut has come and gone, and now I'm going to be trying harder to wear Hime things outside.

What does this debut mean for you guys?
Well for one, more public Hime-Gyaru attempt photos!  Now that I'm going to let myself be up for the public eye, I not only want this to show what I can do, but to learn from others as well.  Like I said before, I really wanted to get some kind of foundation first, before I started posting everywhere going "OMG LOOK @ MEEEE!"  I want people to know what I'm going for so they can help me better.

I've learned so much in these past few months, and while I'm still trying to figure out a lot of things, I'm so much better off than when I started.  Now I think I'm sure-footed enough to make my attempts public, or at least enough that I won't feel like such a failure if I've messed up a lot! 

Even though it's still so strange to be doing any of this, lol.

Now, it'll be a while before I can really do outfit photos.  Much of my money has gone towards necessities and food, lol....  So it'll mostly be makeup and (to a lesser extent) hair photos for a bit.

So, with that being said, here is my first serious attempt!

Photo I took before working on my hair a bit more.  My straightener gets better curls than my curlers do, lol.  Also, can you tell I totally made those lower lashes by cutting up some regular lashes and gluing them to the lower lashes I already had?  And yes, I'm wearing the headband I made!

Not the best picture, but I love how my eyes look.  Makes me look kind of sweet!

Full outfit photo.  I need some kind of grips on my shoes, because when I wear my lace tights, they slide forward, and and up looking a size too small!

My second favorite photo~!  My hair looks so full!

I took me hours to do all of this, though a lot of that time was spent curling my hair with my curlers and pinning them up, hoping that would help keep them, then seeing that, no, they didn't keep, and having to redo them with my straightener.
I'm not really sure how to end this, lol, so I'll just say this.
I'll try my best to be a very good Hime and help represent us well! 


  1. Very pretty! <3 Have you tried making a bouffant hair style yet? I feel that the hairstyle would go well with your current flower headband, though your hair still looks good as is.

    Anyway, I am happy for your debut. :) You made it, unlike me who still has a long way to go. xD Got to get those crafting stuff done first. Of course there is still a long way ahead and I hope you make it through the long journey. :) Good luck!

  2. Love your outfit♥
    I wish I had your legs *__*
    *so jelly*

  3. AHHHHHH /screams in joy/ I love this. I love this so much <333
    You are so cute!! I'm so proud of you! So did you feel like a gorgeous princess? <3

    and oh god, your legs. I am forever jealous of your legs *~*

  4. Wow, gorgeous!! ♥♥
    I love your eye makeup so much~ those lenses are too lovely. *A*
    I think a bouffant will look amazing on you -- you are just so pretty! And with amazing legs. ;u;

    I can't wait to see you become a fabulous hime.♥

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! You look amazing!

    Congratulations on your debut!

  6. I did try to that day, but I didn't provide enough extra hair to cover up the puff I made, so I gave up and just curled it all. Still, I got a lot closer than I did the last two attempts, so I will be practicing that! I will definitely be working even harder now! I hope you have a 'debut' too, it was a lot of fun seeing how far I've come at once!

    @blackkoi- Hehe, thank you~<3

    @ManaStarre- Thank you! You know what? I didn't! But not in a bad way at all! It felt like... normal! Like this is how I'm supposed to be anyway. It didn't feel like I was too dressed up or that I looked strange or anything, and even though I knew I had made mistakes in my technique, I still felt really accomplished! Haha, it's hard to explain, but I was really happy~

    @Caylee- Thank you so much~! My lenses actually looked pink that day! I'll definitely do my best!

    @Toriberry- Thank you!! I'm looking forward to your debut as well! <3

  7. BEAUTIFUL!! wow! Your gorgeous! You are one of the prettiest hime gyaru I have ever seen!!

  8. @Pinku Gyaru- Hehe, thank you~! But I don't think I'm *that* good yet XD