Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week's Plans

You guys know Satomi Yakuwa, right?  Cute Gyaru girl from Ageha?  Oh, of course you know who she is!

The other day, someone had looked up "Satomin hostess" and came across my blog.  It reminded me that her hostess name is different (I discovered this because I have a hostess hair book and she's in it under that name) so I wanted to look up what it was before it bothered me, lol.

I ended up coming across this really interesting article.  If you like Satomin, you'll like it, because it really gives an insight on her life as a hostess and a model at Ageha.


I knew it was a lot of work for them, but I never realized how much.  I must admit, she does sound like a typical teenager with the quotes they have from her, lol, but in the end, I guess it just gives her a little more dimension.  She always looks so cute and sweet in the pages, so it's a little surprising to imagine her complaining or scoffing at the use of green and blue circle lenses.  She's such a kid!

Anyway, I'm in the final stretch!  I've learned that my curlers suck at holding a curl in my hair, lol (Conair, you've failed me again!), so I'm going to have to use my straightener, but I think I know what hairstyle I want to attempt.  My week is so full!  Today, I've got a dentist appointment to fill my little cavities, and I'm a little nervous about it!  I've never had cavities filled before....  I also want to call for an appointment to get my hair cut on Wednesday!  Don't worry, I'm not getting any length taken off (at least, I personally don't plan to, I hope the hair dresser's not going to!) I just want to get these bangs I saw in my hair book, and get some layers.
I'm thinking of these bangs.  I mean, they're just regular bangs, but she's got her hair parted to the side, so it looks kind of fancy, lol.  Eventually, I'd like to get her coloring as well, with the highlights in front and lowlights in the back, but that will have to come later.

Thursday, I'm hanging out with Tara.  Not sure if we're going to Mitsuwa or Oak Brook though.  Originally it was Mitsuwa, but I remembered she liked the Oak Brook mall, so I asked if she wanted to go there instead.  In the end, we're going to see what the weather will be like on Thursday (first it said there would be rain, then it said there wouldn't be, and now it's saying it'll rain again).  Originally Saturday, I was going to get my hair styled or something for my debut, but my friend Niki, who I haven't seen in months, finally got an assistant manager at her place, thus reducing her hours to regular levels!  I'm taking her to Mitsuwa (lol, originally I asked if she wanted to go Thursday, but she was working, but she really wants to go).  I still haven't found cute flats!  Gotta find some at DSW!  Going to be so broke, and I've been trying so hard to save money for this day, too....  Stupid prior obligations/food I had to buy....

Sunday, I'm hanging out with my mom and her husband.  I told him about this Japanese restaurant that I really liked, and he really wanted to try it.

I'm going to try and take a picture of my look on Saturday.  I'll try really hard not to be absentminded about it, because if I do, I'll get home looking so dull compared to how awesome I looked when I left, lol.

Better get some sleep.  Nervous day today!

By the way, this is the book I got that photo above from, if you're wondering.  Apparently it's called Morigami Setsuto Saron Bible, but if you look up Sakura Mook 38, you'll come across it in YesAsia.  It all comes back to the previous part of my post, because Satomin is actually in this book, lol.  This is the very hostess hair book I was talking about!


  1. Ok I have to admit I have not heard of or do not really know about Satomi Yakuwa -.-; (*hangs head in shame*), but then again, I haven't since I haven't been reading the Ageha xD.

    I had read the article and wow, being a hostess and a model at the same time is really hard work O-o. She seems to be complaining about being tired for about 2/4 of the pages ^^;. I like that her dream is so simple and that she wants to be a mother to 2 kids. :) I also like how at one point she's moaning and groaning about being tired and the next she makes a pose and being all cute for the camera. Now that's a mood switch! xD

    Hope to see your look! :)

  2. I need that book o_O I lovee the hair style you want to do your bangs off of :) Omg...Satomin xD I laughed at her attitude. At first I was a bit like "OMG what a bitch -_-" then I ready it again (today on your blog) and was like "hmm...she is just like a teenager!" xD

    Cavities don't hurt at all! Don't worry! I've had two filled and you don't feel a thing :) Unfortunately the numbing stuff they put on sucks when it comes to eating xD After I got mine filled my mom took me to Donut King (perfect, right?) and I could barely chew! xD Couldn't feel my mouth D:< anyway, do have a good week dear! <3

  3. I realy don't know a whole lot about modles or anything, so I found the article very interesting! Thanks for sharing!~

    I second the needing to get that book (>u< )!~ Thanks for putting that up too and telling us how to get it (^u^ )

    I'm excited to see your new hairstyle too, so please do post a picture when you get it done (>u< )!~

  4. I really like those bangs. The style would look super cute on you! How did your debut go? ^_^