Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So What's Going On?

Hello all~!

My grandma randomly surprised me by following through with a promise!  She bought some storage, finally!

It's apparently some kind of TV armoire though.  Not only do I not have a TV, but I already have a table for a TV.  So, quick thinking, and I realized I could turn the TV area into a nice shelving space!  Finally, a place to put things away~!  +1 for me~~!!!

Besides that, last Saturday marked exactly 4 weeks until my debut.  I've learned a bit more with my makeup, though I've had to slow down, because my skin has been misbehaving sporadically.  It's a little annoying.  I think it's the sudden weather shift.  It went from nice, 50°F weather to 90°F!!  We're in the north, that's not how it's supposed to work!  No, wait, that's not true.  It's Illinois, we just had a huge snowstorm that brought in 3 feet of snow and then it all melted away just the next week.  50 to 90 is nothing.

Also, Saturday, I went to one of my mom's modelling shows~!  Yes, my mom is a model, not a super famous one, of course, and she does it as a hobby along side her real job as a legal secretary, but she's a model.  I forgot to bring my camera....  I wish I had, she looked so stunning!

Positive thinking has really done a number on me.  Even things that used to get to me don't so much, and I find I'm a lot less stressed.  It did, however, almost get me to cut my own bangs.  Fortunately, I couldn't quite envision how I would look in a nice blunt cut.  Gotta save up, head to a college for some work or something.  Cut, color, highlights.

Er, I'm off topic...
Ah, yes.
Positive thinking!

It's really helping me a lot.  I feel hopeful again, something I've needed.  Started sending out my resume to receptionist jobs again, even though I originally gave up because I didn't think anyone out there would hire someone without office experience.  Well, there must be someone, right?  I'm not a star, I'm a sidekick!  I prefer the background to the spotlight. (I know, ironic given my choice of fashion is so flashy....)

Anyway, I've got a lot of work to do, moving things out of my room temporarily so that it will be easier to move the furniture in my room.  I wish I was given the chance to see what grandma bought me, and I'm almost positive she actually bought it for herself in hopes that I would hate it and she would get to have it, but still, for once she kept her promise, so I guess I have to let it go.  It'll be a good, long while before I can consider her reliable and trust her again, but it's a start!  I mean, she's only promised me shelving for... 2 years now, lol.

By the way, has anyone seen June's Ageha?  It's all model profiles and hairstyles, so you know.  I'd do a review, but I don't know if anyone reads those things, lol.


  1. It is always good to have some storage. Heck knows that I need some haha :) (*cough* Plus it is good to have more storage so to buy more hime clothes *cough*) That is some good improvisation there.

    You are not the only one to live in a place where crazy weather happens on a daily basis (that scenario with the huge snowstorm melting away within a short period of time actually happened here too xD). I find it cool how your mom is a model along with being a secretary. A double life? >->

    It is good that all this positive thinking is affecting you in a good way, since it is positive thinking (if that makes any sense...). :) I'm sure that you will be able to find an office job eventually. Besides, everybody has to start somewhere and I doubt that those office experience appeared out of nowhere. As the saying goes: oh the irony!

    Anyway, glad to know that things are going well between you and your grandma and no I don't actually read the Ageha, since I don't even know where to get them xD nonetheless, a review is still good. A review of anything is better than nothing.

  2. Oh, I really needed some. Now I finally have somewhere to store clothing! They've been sitting in baskets for like 4 years! Actually, now that I think about it, I haven't had proper storage since I left my apartment in college.... Ew, that was back in 2005! Sure, I could fold the clothes up and they wouldn't take much space, but, sure enough, I would need that one shirt that's sitting all the way at the bottom of the basket, so I have to take everything out, and then they'll get .... Ugh....

    Haha, it's kind of a double life. I've only seen a few of her shows, though she's done a bunch of them. She even makes her own outfits to show off! I was too busy to scan in her picture yesterday, but once the shelving comes in, I'll get to it later today.

    I really hope so! I've been like a receptionist for years, so it shifts over so well, plus I get better, more steady hours. I just wish those people would already see it! DDDX

    Okay I'm slacking again, I need to get back to clearing out my room some more!