Thursday, May 26, 2011

Furniture Photos, Teeth, and Contacts

Ugh, another Blogger issue where I couldn't sign in, but I cleared my and cookies, and now it's working....  Took me three days to find this out, and I wouldn't have, had I not seen people updating their Blogger blogs, lol.

Anyway, for the past few days, I've been focusing on trying to fix my skin.  My debut is in less than a couple weeks, so I was a little stressed that I'd have to go out all gross looking!   But I've figured out the reason for my recent breakouts (the lotion I was using).  Fortunately, when I went to the store to find a new lotion, I found some aloe vera gel!   This stuff is amazing at healing skin, plus it has cucumber extracts which will help keep my skin cool and reduce heat bumps (those little bumps you may get when it's really hot out, caused by crystallized sweat and clogged pores, ew).  I also got a really nice clay mask that sucked up all the excess oil my skin was producing.  I'm going to be doing Bubbi's apple cider mask and toner tonight, to lighten my acne scars and help aid in the healing.  The scars on my face have pretty much healed though, so the aloe is doing it's job!   I've got super combination skin (IE, where it's oily, it's really oily, and where it's dry, it's really dry) so it helps in keeping them both in check as well.  I just have to remember to put on a lot more than I'm used to.  My skin eats this stuff up!

We got one more item for my room today, a nightstand.  Grandma got a TV stand too, but it won't be coming in for a few months.  She said she'll be getting me the full length mirror I've been wanting.  The room is still far from complete, however.  I still need a shelf for my crafting supplies.

Here are the pictures I promised forever ago, lol.

Ah, how embarrassing!   I forgot to take pictures of before I started, but this is basically how my room looked before.   Notice the pile of clothing over there in a basket.  Now imagine there being two of those, plus a bag next to that that's full of dirty clothes.  That's what I had to deal with every time I wanted to get dressed....   Also, because I had nowhere to put anything, I had to put all of my crafting supplies on the floor in the far corner (which is mostly cleared out in this photo).  I also had a giant bin of drawings and art books there, but I took that out prior to this photo.  I barely had any room to move in here....  And I don't think you can tell, but my comforter is pretty much shredded.   I later spilled something on it, so I threw it out.  There was no salvaging it, washing it would just make it fall apart completely....
My only tables in the room!  Everything's piled on them, because this is the only place I could put anything without it being on the floor.  The table on the left has my art supplies, some vitamins, my deodorant, my jewelry, a few cute bottles of sake, and a packet of mild sauce from Taco Bell that I like to keep because the few times I've been there, they never give me sauce automatically like they used to.  The other table has various small things I don't want to lose but don't use too often.  Also, you can see my SNES and GameCube, lol.  My PS2 is there too, as is my straightener.  Yep, I had to keep it on the floor, because we don't have an outlet in the bathroom anymore, and my mirror is on the floor in the corner.  I had to do my hair on the floor!
This is when I got my shelf.  I forgot to take the picture as soon as I got it.  We had to put it in the little alcove since it was so huge.  I was still trying to figure out what to put away in here.
Finished!  My purse is in there temporarily, because I needed to take it off of the table it was originally on so I could clear it off.  I've got my heels under there, so I now have only one thing under my bed.  I put my dolls up on top.  Then there's my hats, my art supplies, my makeup and hair stuff, lotion, jewelry....  There's still space in my shelf for anything else I may need to put away.

Ahhh, it's so nice to be able to see all of my things at a glance~!

I went through a lot of my clothing as I folded them away, to see what I'll continue to wear, and what I'm definitely giving away.  In the end, there wasn't that much to give away, but I still filled a trash bag with some.  There were a few things that made me go "Oh, but what if I'll definitely need to wear it??" but when I thought about wearing them, all I did was cringe.  Many of the things I gave away were either too small or too bulky for my frame.

Also, now that my bed is over near the vent where centipedes like to appear, I came up with a way to solve it.  I just taped some mesh over the vent!  Why didn't I think of that before?

The next day, I got my teeth cleaned.  I haven't been to a dentist in forever!  I don't have health insurance anymore, because I'm not in school and I can't afford it myself (not that I could before, lol) so I thought it was out of the question, but one day my grandma just said that she set up an appointment for it.  My teeth look so nice now~!

Some days after that, I finally gained the courage to put my contacts in... one eye, lol!  Still, I managed to do it without harming my eye this time (I put it in the same eye too), and it only took a few tries to get it in.    I didn't have a hard time positioning it either like the other.  This time, I wore my E.O.S Candy Pink lenses.

Not very pink, because my eyes are considered amber colored and not dark brown, but it still gives a really nice look to the eye.  I didn't do any color adjusting, this is exactly how they looked.  Also, don't mind the makeup, I just threw some on so I could see how it looks in perspective.  It took a little bit to get used to, but after a minute, it felt like I wasn't wearing anything at all.   I'd definitely recommend these!  I got them from PinkyParadise.  Good place to buy Diamond Lashes which are all the rave right now. (that's not where I got these lashes though, I got these off of Ebay for around a dollar, lol.)

I have to postpone my Pretty Cute review, what with my face still in recovery, so I don't want to do anything to it just yet.  But at least this time, it doesn't look like it's going back to its troublesome ways.  At the rate it's going, I think I'll be back to normal by Monday, and just in time, too!


  1. You're back! :DD I really missed your posts! <3 The furniture looks so cute! Makes me want to go clean my room xP Gorgeous contacts ;-; I can't wait for your debut! <33

  2. I love the circle lenses! I might get pink ones like yours. The red ones I have freak everyone out too much!

    Welcome back to the bloggersphere!

  3. Woow your contacts are beautiful. I want to see you wearing them with an heavier make-up *o*

  4. Welcome back! You haven't posted in a while haha While you have trouble logging on, I have trouble logging off DX! Anyway, you weren't kidding when you said that everything was on the floor. Wow! :O Good thing that you have a shelf to organize everything :) Gets more clutter off the floor. The lenses might not look very pink, but I can still see some pink around the edges of the eyes. Can't wait to see your debut. :)

  5. @ManaStarre - I missed being here XD Getting rid of so much clutter not only helps the room look better, but it's a little calming too! Maybe it's just me? Lol. I think it'll be beneficial even if one corner of the room looks neat. And thank you~

    @Toriberry - If I remember correctly, your eyes are dark brown? They'll look a lot more pink on your eyes, but not like albino rabbit pink, lol. From all the customer photos I saw on their site, they look somehow natural. I like the look of these over the Max Pure pink, definitely. And thank you, it's good to be back!

    @MiNi - Thank you~! Lol, I'm still not very good at dramatic makeup, so it could be a while XD

    @Lavenrose - Lol, well at least you don't have to worry about whether you can post or not! XD It's such a relief to have so much off of the floor and tables. I feel less anxious and on edge. I'm glad you can. Maybe that means others will be able to as well? They're really interesting. ^^

  6. OMG YOU FOUND ME!!! I've been looking for you everywhere but couldn't remember your domain name for the life of me!lol. Ya I'm back. This time as a permanent gyaru. Loli just wasn't cutting it for me haha! I see your still a pretty princess! how's it going?

  7. Wow that's amazing. I think your ready for your debut! Your an amazing and beautiful hime and I have always admired your confidence <3

    Ya I'm really enjoying gyaru fashion. I have gotten to know a lot of the girls and they have all been sweet and helpful! The gyaru community is very welcoming. I think I finally found where I belong.