Friday, May 13, 2011

New Furniture!

Blogger, you are back!!  Oh, promise you'll never leave me again!  Seriously, I've been refreshing the page every hour on the hour.  Came back at noon!

Anyway, my furniture came in Wednesday!  I've been filling it up, weeding out clothing I'm not going to wear so I can donate it, and putting things away on the shelves.  Turned out, when my grandma used the term "TV Stand", what she meant was that there was a dresser area, and then shelving space above it.  Really wide shelving.  My bottom shelf is already full of things, lol.  But they're things that I'm glad are finally off the floor, such as my plastic drawers for makeup and hair stuff.  I don't have to worry about ants discovering my lipgloss collection, or spiders turning my clean clothes into a new home.

It's so nice to see everything at a glance again.  I can finally tell if I'm almost out of underwear! (And I am!)  It took me 3 minutes to put together an outfit!

Also, I have a nice place for all of my magazines.  Displayed neatly where I can see them all.  I regained the use of the bottom drawer on my makeup dresser.  Not sure what to put in it though.  I just put my curlers in it.

I still have some more articles of clothing to go through.  I'm running low on space, but I'm hoping I can make it.  My 'don't want' pile isn't huge, but there's still quite a few things I know I'll never wear again, like overly bulky sweaters, clothing that's just too small and not cute enough to transform, things like that.  Sometimes it's a little difficult, as I think to myself "But what if I'll definitely need to wear it??" but I have to let them go.

Oh how nice it is to finally have a place to take photos!  I'm not ashamed of my room completely!

I moved the TV tray over next to my bed.  I want to get a full sized mirror to put behind it, so I can use it like a vanity.  It's the best I can do, since I probably won't be getting a real vanity any time soon.

Oh, and there's a gap under the dresser.  I can put my heels under it.  Now I have less under my bed!  (though I still have a bin full of books and digital stuff that I use a lot like my camera).

Put my dolls on top of the dresser.  Finally, they're up and out of the way, and super safe up there too!  I'm thinking about what else I can put up there, things that I won't use often, but don't want in the garage.  There's a lot of space up there.  I guess I'll figure it out as time goes.

The shelves are full of important things though.  My hair products, my ball joint doll art supplies, my makeup shelving, even my hats.  Once I finish clearing off these little tables, I can determine what I want out and what I want to keep put away.

Oh, and while I was contemplating what to do about the centipede situation, now that my bed is up against the wall they like to climb on, I suddenly realized I could just get some mesh and put it over the vents!  Now I can still get air, and I worry less about bugs climbing about in my room!  Temporarily, I've got some mesh fabric, but I'll buy some wire type mesh, so that it won't melt or something when we start turning on the heater.  Had to cut up my itchy Bodyline pannier though.  So sad, lol.

No, my room doesn't look at all like I wish it would.  As long as I live here, it probably never will.  But I have accomplished a step today by getting storage.  I don't have a pile of clothes on the floor or tables full of things.  It's less cluttered around here.  It's just wonderful how I can look at everything important at once!  I'll try to convince her to get me a full sized mirror.

Yesterday, I got my teeth cleaned.  It's been many years since I last went to a dentist, but apparently, my teeth were doing pretty well regardless.  Now my teeth feel funny, lol.  It also seems that the two little cavities that I've had since high school are still very little.

But now that my teeth are nice, I'm thinking it's time to save up for a haircut.  I found a photo of the bangs I want.  I found a cosmetology school nearby with good reviews, hopefully I'll get a good student.  I contemplated coloring, but for everything I want done, it would be way out of my budget right now.  Looks like I'll be going dark black for my debut, lol.

There's still work to be done in this room, lots of random trinkets I don't quite know what to do with (not important enough to put in my new dresser, but still too important to throw away....)  I still have a corner of items too that need a place to be put.  They're mostly my systems, video games, and craft supplies/fabric.

I have photos of my new stuff, but I'll post them tomorrow.  I've got places to go now!
Welcome back, Blogger~!


  1. I had missed blogger as well, but I guess I could cope well with the situation, given that I am usually doing other things such as cleaning up my shelves or browsing the internet. xD Haha! We are cleaning buddies and apparently also room renovating buddies O-o! I am still in the process of converting my room into one fit for a himegyaru.

    I feel for you when it comes to storage. You just cannot have enough of it and more space always help. I also don't have a vanity, but I don't really need one since I have at least 3 mirrors in my room. Can't wait to see the photos.

  2. Lol, I wish I could go for a Hime-Gyaru room, but it's my grandma's house, so she wants some sort of country fusion house or something. She likes to buy things for my room without even telling me or showing me what she got. She just bought a rug, which I don't want because it'll be so much extra maintenance (since my hair sheds so much and I eat in my room) and it'll just be in the way. She hadn't even showed it to me before she bought it, and when she mentioned getting one, I told her immediately that I didn't want one.

    I really need a mirror. Right now, to look at a full outfit, I have to go into the bathroom to see from the waist up, and then go to my grandma's room to look from the chest down. I did bring up that I wanted a full mirror, but knowing her, she's going to bring in some overly fancy mirror that I can only see my face in, and then be shocked when I say that it's not what I want, lol.

  3. Wow this sounds amazing O_O can't wait to see your photos.

  4. @Chococcuro- It's not at all my color, but it's pretty nice and it does what it needs to, for sure! ^^