Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I know I said I wouldn't be doing too many hairstyles....  Lol.

Some days ago, my grandma wanted me to go shopping for a few things.
This hairstyle just kind of happened.  I was going to put it in a ponytail, and then, on the fly, I just decided to go with it.

So that's my excuse for why it doesn't look too great, lol.

(Covered because I still have acne scars and it's embarrassing, lol.  I need to do that apple cider scrub thing!)
I think next time, I'll actually try, but this wasn't too bad for 7 minutes.  I liked it!  Even though it was really messy so I had to use a billion bobby pins.

But today, I actually was trying for a style.
I read this really wonderful tutorial, and I thought I could give it a go.
One hour and a ton of hairspray later....

Learned a technique of spraying hairspray before curling the piece to make the curls last longer.  They weren't kidding!

Oh, and I remembered this time!
Simple bow:
And with my headband:
Still not big enough for my headband.
It's fun to be able to do these styles on my own... buuuuut I can't wait to get some hair pieces, lol!
At least combing it out was easier.  I sprayed some of my Triple Nutrition spray on it, and the tangles just fell right out!

I also learned something else, that the water in my hairspray is the reason my curls seem to fall out faster whenever I use it.  By spraying before I curl, it seems I get long lasting curls and the water evaporates away while it holds, and when I give it all one final spray, the water doesn't affect it.

I was going to do makeup today too, but at the very last minute, I decided to clean off my face.  I mean, literally, the very last minute, all I had to do was apply bottom lashes and put on lipstick and blush....  I needed better stuff to contour with.  I just bought what they call "Camouflage Palette Cream" at Sephora, with the mint green as the final color (The final color can be green that covers redness, which is great for around my eyes, lavender is supposed to be a good highlighter, and I don't know what orange does, but it's probably for darker skin).  Got some free blush in the prettiest peach color too!  Hopefully I'm better equipped now to try again next time.


  1. Ooh nice. The hairstyle that you were trying to do at the beginning of the post looks like one of those "hair bow" hairstyles in a sideways position xD. Anyway, it is looking good so far. Keep them coming.

  2. @Lavenrose- Lol, it's not *that* crooked, is it?

  3. I love your hair accessories! : D Your hair is really cute! : D : D Espically the last one!

  4. @Nana- Thank you! I tried really hard XD

  5. You look awesome with your curled hair and that cute hair bow. :)

    The Cat Hag

  6. @The Cat Hag- Thank you~! I tried my best!