Friday, June 24, 2011

Never Have I Ever...

Since my debut, I've been paying more attention to everything pertaining to beauty.

I find myself saving more things on skin care and hair care, and even dieting (not that I need to lose weight, but I could stand to eat healthier).  It's like a little princess in my head found some secret room and switched on some 'health and beauty overdrive' button, lol.

I used to just read Ageha and Betty (and to a lesser extent Egg and Popteen) for the hairstyles and clothing, but now I'm paying attention to what they're saying about exercises and massages and things like that.  I knew my debut would mean something big, but I had no idea it would be like this.  I really hope this isn't a phase!

It's exciting, but also a little overwhelming.  There's a lot being presented to me.  What will work and what won't?  I may have found a nice combination that's helping my skin now (and seriously, I went from bumps everywhere to nothing in 2 weeks) but eventually my skin will get used to it and it won't be as effective anymore.  It'll be good to rotate different masks in and out to suit my needs.

Anyway, I tried a bouffant today!

I'm rather impressed with myself!  It even only took me 40 minutes to do, and only a little hair spray!  (or maybe that was entirely too long and it should have only taken like 20 minutes, lol)  It's entirely my own hair, though I think I'm going to learn how to use some of this fake hair I bought, to use that as "bouffant filler" instead.  Then I won't have to spend 5 minutes combing out the knot, lol.

I only wish I had somewhere to go today!  Once I took the pictures, I took it all out.

This was my third time attempting this style.  The first time, I didn't have good hairspray and it fell out in minutes (plus it made my hair all crunchy and left ugly white flakes all over).  The second time, I didn't leave enough hair to cover the puff.  This time I think I did pretty well!  I would have added an accessory, but I didn't think about it until just now, lol.  Now next time, with the help of some fake hair, I can get it even bigger and nicer!

I feel so accomplished these days~!  I got a little extra help from E_G too.  It's so great, even when I know I'm not at 100%, I still feel like no one can stop me!  The image of my future self that I see in my thoughts is becoming more obtainable by the minute~  I'm having so much more fun!

I think everyone should have a debut, if it's going to be this awesome, lol!


  1. I think you did it great at your third attempt! That hairstyle is so lovely

  2. :D! Yay! You did a bouffant! And what a lovely bouffant it is (especially the curls)! <3 Now you are making me excited over my debut! :P

  3. your hair looks beautiful! I tried that once and it ended up looking like a squirrel decided to nest in my hair ^_^() lol. Your an amazing hime! I am so happy that you are happy!<3

  4. @MissVermilion- Thank you~! I'm still proud of it, lol.

    @Wanda- Thank you! I'm impressed with the curls too, since I used my straightener, and usually it's hard to get consistent curls. You'll have a debut too? Do you have a date? I want to mark it on my calendar! <3

    @Pinku Gyaru- Thank you! That's what happened to me the second time, lol. And thank you~<3

  5. Haha I have a debut but it doesn't show up until I am done with everything on my goal list (which I have up right now on my blog). xD Considering how long the list is, it might take a while. None-the-less, keep an eye out!

  6. It's a beautiful thing when people find excitement by treating themselves well.