Friday, December 25, 2009


Hello ^^
How are you all? I hope you're doing well.

Sorry I haven't updated as 'once-a-day' as I wanted XD I was just being lazy on the 22nd and 23rd (especially on the 23rd, as I was home all day). I had a very full day yesterday, with work from 7:30a to 1p, then I came home, went to sleep until 3:30, when I had to go and pick up the orders my grandma made at my favorite restaurant Ichiro's and at Brown's Chicken (meatballs, surprisingly). Then family showed up and Christmas~ I went to sleep right after, and I slept for 12 hours! lol

I got lots of money, some cute clothes, and a very pretty bracelet. Oh, and a set of the softest pajamas I've ever felt <3 I love these socks the most XD

Anyway, it's the day after. I'm glad we celebrate on Christmas Eve, it means I get to relax all day. No obligations, just a nice day off. Sure, I get them all the time, but it's different, I guess because there's also leftover delicious food!

Oh, and today, I ordered from Rakuten! It took a lot of work, trying to figure out what I wanted most, what I would have to hold off getting.... Since they sold out of the one pair of boots I wanted (sob sob) I had to get my second choice, similar, and also cute, but they don't come in pink ;_____;.

Here's what I finally decided to order---

In white (I wanted pink, but white goes with more. I'll get pink next time, if they have it)

In pink (The one thing I absolutely had to get right away!)

In black (I wanted some heels! It's on my list to learn how to walk in them, and they might as well be cute XD)

In white (lucky! It was the color I wanted, and it was the only color they had!)

In white (it was a hard decision between black and white, but white goes with more of my things)

In white (I didn't really like the pink ones, and I worried the black ones would become hidden in my hair color!)

In white (*facepalm* I didn't realize these were on reserve! Oh well, it's too cold to enjoy them anyway, I'll have to wait until January 15th)

When they come, I'll post some pictures. Shopping at Rakuten was a little scary, because I had never bought anything overseas where they weren't shipping internationally. I guess it'll give me the chance to tell you how Tenso is as well (the shopping service I went with). They'll be sending me my bill on the 28th, hopefully I'll be up early enough to send them the money before they leave for vacation. I want my pretty new coat now! XD

Afterwards, I got a Coastal Scents brush set. I wanted the plum one, but they ran out! Had to get their Gunmetal Deluxe set instead. I don't know what half those brushes do! But it was cheaper that way, than getting the brushes I wanted individually. Oh well, I guess more for me to learn. I want to save at least $100, excluding my $100 card which I'll use at Mitsuwa (kinda, lol. Raiding the bookstore and the makeup isle, and possibly getting some hair coloring! Might as well use it lots, because if I don't use it within the year, they'll start taking money!) I'm slowly building my makeup set. I'm pretty excited ^^ My pretty pink makeup box will be full of treats one day.

Let's see, every so often, I'll check my horoscope transits, which is when they check the alignments of the planets and compare them to your birth chart or something.... Something rose to the top, literally out of the blue (as in it wasn't there one day, and suddenly it was):
"Positive aspect: Excellent time for love. If you haven't already met that special someone, expect to meet your lover during this period."
Lasts through to the 28th, which is when this one takes effect:
"Positive aspect: You will be very attracted by a member of the opposite sex. This person will be the type you like, with a very strong personality."

I'd love to jump to conclusions, but that's how my problems start, lol. But I guess I better start getting while the getting is good. If I don't act fast, he could start hanging out with other girls, who will shamelessly make a move.

We all know who I'm talking about, right?

Anyway, I'm just going to relax, eat some delicious crab bisque and 'steal' some of the blooming tea I bought grandma. I'll make plans with my friend to spend some more of my money, lol. I'm starting to like Christmas again~ Merry... All holidays! And if you don't celebrate anything, I still hope you have a good end of 2009 ^_^

~Lots of Love~

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