Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love Schaumburg.

Even the bad drivers are better over there.

Headed over the Schaumburg, to go to the Sanrio store and get my little cousin a purse. Now, I'm in no way that into Sanrio, with the exception of a few characters (mostly Pochacco, who they never feature on anything anymore, but he's my absolute favorite!) BUT! This store changed everything. Saw the cutest purse ever, and don't get me started on this adorable gold and red Hello Kitty day luggage (small luggage bag). It was half off too! But I had to use all of my money on gifts!! Why didn't I see this last time I came out?? *sob* I hope it's there after Christmas! I also bought my store one of these water filled sticky ball things, shaped like a pig. I knew they'd play with it right away, and sure enough, my boss Chevy threw it all around. Then he threw it on the ceiling, lol. It got stuck! After throwing a book at it a few times, he had to go get the ladder. Yep, I knew they'd like it.

My gift for grandma came in today. She answered the door to take it, and made a snide remark about how she got my package, after I had been asleep during the time her package had come in and therefore couldn't get it. Lol, I wanted to make a comment about how it was her gift, but of course I didn't. Her little tea set is so cute! Comes with a little strainer for loose teas, and it's glass, so she can see the blooming teas that I bought for her 'bloom'. I spent the most on her gift, but I guess in the end, it's also for me too. I love tea~!

Also, when I was at the mall, I saw the cutest oversized plaid shirt and long vest. I wanted to look at it, but it was in an Abercrombie & Fitch. Ever since they discriminated against an old friend who was dressed punk style, I don't like them. No, I don't mean he was snubbed, I mean someone came up and actually told him they had nothing to sell to a guy like him. I tell everyone that story when I can.

Told my mom all I wanted for Christmas was money. She was really happy, because it meant she didn't have to think about it. It's perfect for me, because then the stress is on me! And then I won't end up with a gift I can't use. Nyaa, just 1 more week! We celebrate on Christmas Eve, a tradition that started 2 years ago when my mom was supposed to be spending Christmas with her husband's family, but then didn't. It stuck, because it's so much easier. We don't have a huge dinner, just some dips and snacks, we hang out for about an hour, then open presents, then spend time hanging out. The day after, I can do what I want (need to make a payment on my ball joint doll though, so that's $114 out of whatever I'm getting ^^;), so the stress is on me! XD I will be doing some Rakuten shopping. (hopefully, the things at the top of my want list won't be gone) Will rush to the Sanrio store and get that suitcase, if they have it. New curling iron, something cute from I was originally wanting this money to get a ball joint doll from Soom, but my goals have taken priority. Hopefully they won't be cute at all XD Oh, my paycheck is coming in on the 25th too! No clue how much I'm getting, I should figure that out. Probably around $200-some. I can add some make-up and brushes from Coastal Scents. This and tax refund day in February.... How lovely~ I've waited all year for this, the few times of the year where I have spare money for myself.

I didn't make it to Mitsuwa today, so I'm going tomorrow with my friend~! Going to introduce her to the 7th biggest mall in the US as well, lol. I love Woodfield. It's huge and pretty and fancy.

I need to start doing sit-ups. I'm gaining so much weight after my anemia has gone, it's all going to my chest and some to my stomach ;_; I don't want to be all thin with a pouch! Gotta start fixing my sleep schedule too. I've got to get up early! So much work to embody the Lolita lifestyle.... -_-;

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