Sunday, December 20, 2009


I came to work really late, so they called someone else. I'm terrible!

Anyway, started working more on my Rakuten page. Got myself a 'Japanese' address, it's all really cool ^^ Now I can order from places like Atelier BOZ! Not that I can afford them now.... Anyway, today, I'm going to recuperate. It's impossible for me to currently sleep at a normal time (even when I sleep at a normal time, the next day, I'm back to not being able to sleep at a good time. Maybe it's a sign I need to move out west? Lol, I wish I could! I need a change of pace. But....

Hehe, I'm starting to like the new kid more and more ^^ But I won't talk about that. It's kind of embarrassing to, anyway.

Oh, totally digressed, I put everything I really wanted to buy in my 'shopping cart' to see about how much I'd be spending if I had the cash. It came out to around $1000, before shipping. It would probably be like $1400 after all the fees. I don't know what to take out! I want them all XD I'll have to pick my favorites. The coat I really want is around $80 on its own.... Hope I get a bunch for Christmas!

Sleep now!

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