Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve

Hello! Are you doing anything today? Do you have any plans? Of course you know I do <3

So as you can see, I woke up early, but this was actually unplanned XD I've only had about 5 or so hours of sleep ;; (I procrastinated in straightening my hair after my shower)

Today's plan, of course, involved Schaumburg with Tara. I want to go to the mall first, so I can pick up some of Lush's tea tree tonic and steaming tablets, and maybe Sephora, to get some eye primer (I forget the name of the one I was going to get, but I remember what the bottle looks like). Might stop by the Starbucks inside (Of course there's on in the mall, even though there's also one across the street XDDD) to get some macarons. They seem to be the Lolita snack of choice, and everyone's always raving about them anyway. This place is the only one I've ever seen selling them around here (though I'm sure I could go into some kind of specialty bakery or something).

Then, of course MITSUWA. I'm going to try not to spend all of my money on makeup (though with their prices, it's really easy to XD) I was going to buy some plum wine to celebrate with, but I decided to use the bottle of Mike's Hard Lime that was left here after Christmas Eve. I know my grandma certainly won't drink it. We'll come back a little early, so we can eat at Ichiro's (Tara wanted to sit in, so we shall sit!) and then we'll get back to her house, I guess to neaten up. Another full day, but I'm glad. I don't have many hours at work, but at least I'm available today and tomorrow!

I guess tomorrow, I'll talk about what I got, and maybe how much I like it, if I've tried it. I'm still waiting on my brushes. The shipping thing hadn't updated at all yesterday. Laaaaame.

Well, I'm off, my alarm goes off in like 30 minutes, so I'm going to just relax and decide what's cool enough to wear before I'm out and about.

~Lots of Love~

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