Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lolita Clothes and Future Hauls

Kid's getting all of the hours next week. I'm a little miffed, but maybe I'm just tired XD

Anyway, I found a new Lolita shop today. Why did I not discover them before??? I could have bought from them instead of Bodyline back in October. Well, I wouldn't have been able to get the devil horn headpiece I got there for as little as I got it, but still! They have a lot of cute, inexpensive clothes there! Found myself fawning over practically everything. After I visited Angelic Pretty some time ago and saw a dress for $300 and a coat for $500, I was worried I'd have to live under the rule of Bodyline ;_; They're nice and all, but I really wanted a dress that looked a little more delicate. Qutieland does it for me for sure! I don't regret my Rakuten purchase at all (I really wanted that coat after all!) so I guess I'm glad I didn't know about them before. It would have been such a hard decision! It was already a hard decision shopping at the one store, weeding out the ones I absolutely could not skip out on! Then it would have been crazy, trying to figure out what to buy at this store too! Hopefully I can buy from them next paycheck, and hopefully one of the dresses I really want will be there. I can buy it now, but I'd rather have Mitsuwa to tide me over ^^ This store will be my goto for my tax refund, and they better believe when I get a better paying job, they'll be seeing my paypal address tons! ^_^

Whenever I find a new Lolita site that I absolutely love, I always get excited and show everyone I know who's into this stuff too. It'll probably subside once I've seen the site about 300 times, but it's fun to get excited about this kind of stuff. I hope I like this kind of fashion for a good long time, and I think I will, as long as I stay away from the EGL community! Hey, Lolita stemmed from women's desires to step outside of the norm, to do something fun, even at the expense of people's opinions of them. They probably got laughed at or ridiculed, but they walked down the street with their heads held high and smiles on their faces. Some people are just being too strict in following the rules! They'll never be happy if they're limiting themselves! And what's the fun in wearing something as 'out there' as Lolita if there's 100 rules to follow? The first Lolitas broke the rules on what 'normal' women should wear! Besides, we're already getting flack from people not into the style. I don't need it from my own 'kind'. Lol. VIVA LA LOLITA! No matter what brand or style you like <3 (<-me rambling)

Anyway, my birthday is tomorrow! I'll be 24 ^___^ I feel so old! It's been 6 years since I went to high school, can you believe it? The 80s are so far away now! Soon, I'll be 30, it's so weird! I hope I'm not still working this 'after school' job then too XD Who knows what kind of crazy fashion I'll be into. Oh yeah, I found out Christmas that I get my eccentric fashion sense from my grandma. We were always in a class of our own when it came to this stuff. I hope to pass it on to my future kids too. Seems it only goes with the girls though. I wonder if I'll have a daughter that likes Lolita or Hime-Gyaru, or Koakuma-kei too. Or maybe there will be some random new fashion that sweeping the underground nation. Maybe my future child will be a fashion pioneer! Haha, I guess someday I'll see, but first, I kind of have to have a boyfriend. One step at a time.

Going to take a nap now. Soooo sleepy lately.... I didn't even realize I never even tried to practice any hairstyles or makeup at all yesterday! I'm getting some fake eyelashes, some liquid liner (mine is kind of crappy, but then again I did buy it for like $1), some neutral eyeshadows, and a white one for highlighting, some nude lipsticks, some lip glosses and tints (might be even better to just get a couple of nice lipstick colors and use the lip brush that's coming with my incoming brush set), and a versatile blush color, something subtle. Maybe a nice base so my stuff won't smudge, right? I'm slowly working on my 'must have' collection. I also want to get a few face masks (they had some that I heard were really good), some bath salts, and if I can swing by the mall, I have to visit the Lush store (we have one of those!! They have everything cool at the Woodfield mall!) and get some tea tree spray and tablets. My face loves tea tree oil, seriously. Is this what's considered a 'haul'? Geez, I've just said that word about 40 times in my head, now the word doesn't make sense! Don't you hate when that happens?

Gah, I want to go to Schaumburg tomorrow! But I'm working, and the earliest time Tara is available is Tuesday! If I go before her, I'll have no money to spend! ;____; Impaaaaaaatient!

The more I get into this, the more I really get into this. I need an eccentric friend like me, so I can gush about all of this silly stuff like beauty products, Japanese fashion, ball joint dolls, designing things and coming up with stories we'll never work on, and video games. I have a friend for all of my needs separately, but no jack-of-all-trades friend! Where do I find one of those? Craigslist?

~Lots of Love~


  1. ^-^ I wish I had a lolita store somewhere around here! Best thing I've got is Hot Topic... not quite the same... >.< Why?!?!

  2. Haha, me too. Japan and California hoards the best stuff. It would be so cool to just go down the street to your local Lolita warehouse, lol.