Monday, December 14, 2009

Where'd it go?

Lol, I knew I should have written before work, but I figured since I was too busy getting ready that I would end up late while typing this out. I got home, went straight to my DS until I went to sleep! Also, where did Saturday's go?? I could have sworn I wrote my last entry on Saturday, when I went out with my friend. In fact, I know I did! It was like 6 in the morning when I did it, and I was lamenting not being able to sleep! (EDIT: Figured it out, had the timezone wrong, so while I started this after midnight, it registered as 10p before!) Ah, whatever, I'll try to be more diligent now. Sorry....

My face is clearing up, after I had a bad breakout from using a face mask with olive oil in it. I should have known something was wrong when I put in on my face, and part of my face felt weird, like kind of numb. I shrugged it off, because I wasn't allergic to any of the ingredients. Sure enough, I had huuuuuge cystic pimples all over my face, and they hurt so much! ;_; Well, I rushed back to the good face mask/scrub, containing green tea, apple cider vinegar, honey, and sugar. Sure enough, using that twice a week, and washing my face twice a day, my face bounced back better than ever ^^ I didn't worry, skin is skin. Sometimes it's really fickle, and the slightest change in something irritates the skin, and sometimes you're not doing anything in particular, and your skin is just perfect. At least, that's how it happens with me. I still don't know what to eat and not eat for my face to go crazy, besides drinking pop. Can't drink that too much, my face breaks out within 2 hours -_-; I liked pop....

Christmas is coming, but because of all of the "YOU CAN'T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS, YOU MUST CELEBRATE 'HOLIDAY'!!!! CHRISTMAS IS SOMEHOW OFFENSIVE!!!!!" people, it just doesn't feel like Christmas, outside of the tons of people coming to our store. I kind of miss the old days, the excitement of Christmas people used to have. Come on people! Do what you used to do when Christmas came around. Now everyone's threatening lawsuits....

Worked with the new guy today. He's very hard working, but I can see he's a bit shy, not really sure how to interact. We ended up talking to him at the end of the day when pretty much no one was showing up and all of the work was done. He's really nice, and super tall! O_O and apparently, he's a little younger than my 19 year old boss, lol. Seems like a nice guy. I'm hoping we'll get rid of our lazy coworker and take the new guy on. And I hope the new guy will get to open up some. Lol, it's guys like him that bring out my motherly instinct to worry about how they're doing in life.

I'm not really talking much about how I'm doing, goal-wise. I haven't really been doing anything, not with all of the shopping for Christmas because I don't have a proper job and all. I've been playing Atelier Annie! I'm loving on my winning team, mostly because they're the two most adorable/powerful/hilarious guys I've met in-game (one is a guy obsessed with defeating everyone and becoming stronger, and the other is a guy who seems to be a thief, has no sense of direction and tends to starve himself trying to find his way back home. He even got lost in the village while running an errand and passed out in an alley, lol) I love NIS games. Going to get Sakura Wars when it comes out April! Oh, but yeah, no goal oriented things happening. Though I guess I can check one thing off of my list. I wanted to find my style, I think 'being cute' is definitely a style! VICTORY!

~Lots of Love~

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