Friday, December 18, 2009


Okay, I so have a reason for not blogging yesterday. I was out alllll day! Woke up at 11a to get ready to head out with my friend Tara, to show her the mall. We got lost! Not on the way to, inside the mall! It's just that huge~! I showed her the Disney store, which she wandered around, then we went to the Sanrio store, so I could show her the luggage I wanted. She bought me a purse for my birthday/Christmas! So I returned the favor, bought her the softest panda plushie in the world. I sneaked it ^^ Then we headed to Chevy's and shared a Sizzlin' Fajita. It was so filling! I didn't realize there was so much!! We went to Mitsuwa, of course, and bought treats. She wanted another Ramune, but we discovered their coffee section. She looooooves coffee. I ended up taking pictures of our selection *will try to remember to post later* Oooh, I also bought a Yogu, white peach flavored. I used to love these in college! I'll save it for breakfast~ Green tea for tonight.

Afterwards, we went back to Tara's house. While she washed dishes, found a blast to the past: the game Bust-A-Groove 2. Now, when we were in 8th grade, I introduced her to the game Bust-A-Groove, a game where you press buttons to keep your character dancing, and the object is to score higher than the other. It brought back so many memories! I played it a few times, then Tara and I played as people started to show up. I won, 2 out of 3! (I only lost that other one, because I played as a character I wasn't familiar with, while she played with her favorite, I did beat her with my favorite girl Shorty XD) I met her boyfriend, turns out he knows a lot of people who work/ed at our store. He's pretty nice, I approve ^^ Then we watched Fight Club. I already knew the plot twist, but I didn't know how it reached that point. It was a really good movie! Oh, and when Tara went to the bathroom, I ended up in a man hug sandwich o_o Very awkward! Lol.

I was out until 12:30a, a first, outside of being at work, fixing up a billion things that need to be fixed because someone important is showing up. But they hang out on Thursdays, I'm usually working Thursday evenings! Ah well. Tara decided she really likes Lolita, so she'll get into it with me. I have someone to take pictures with!

I found an excellent hair color today, I'm going to get it, lighten my hair, and color my hair a sort of pink color ^^ Well, I want to, I think it would be such a cute color in hime-style.

Gotta get to sleep today. Work tomorrow in 12 hours, and I've got to let the new kid know that I'll protect him from my boss. He's been teasing him lots, and I just don't want this kid to leave. He's the best thing this store has gotten! DON'T SCARE HIM AWAY! HE MAKES WORK EASIER FOR US ALL! ;____;

Oooh yeah, this morning, I sent my grandpa a new cellphone, then called him to let him know I had it shipped to him. He was really happy to hear from me. I love my Poppy~~~<3 We chatted for a bit, and he let me know he got me a birthday present! Last year, he gave me a birthday present as well, it was the first time in years. Lately, they've been coming in abundance, I'm really happy! Not because it's a gift, but because they're thinking of me ^^ Now I can try to remember their birthdays too, lol.

Gotta go wash my face, it's so oily now!

~Lots of Love~

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