Saturday, December 19, 2009

Under the Weather

Ugh.... Feeling not so 100%.... I haven't eaten much all day, since I didn't have much money to spare. I was going to get something from some Dollar Menu, but I remembered that my grandma had made some chicken.... So I thought, when I got home, she had finished it all! So I tried to make pasta. It did *not* turn out well. Well, I mean, it tasted fine, but eating it made me feel so nauseous that I had to stop. It's all we have in the house!

And it couldn't have come at a worse time. My monthly headache is here.... I keep looking in the fridge, hoping I missed something. I did not. I'm tempted to go to McDonald's right now and just get something. Trying to hold off, so I can have lunch tomorrow.

Anyway, started making my Rakuten wishlist. There are a lot of things I definitely want to order for Christmas, and things I want to use my tax refund on as well. One of the boots I was really wanting was sold out though ;_; Found a pair to replace those however. I still have no idea how to use Rakuten.... and neither does anyone else! Lol.

Ah, broke down and got something to eat, but fortunately my grandma was up. She gave me money, so I get to keep mine! Mmm, crispy chicken~! Sure, it's not healthy, but whatevs. At least for now. One day, I'll eat right. And that day will be when I have a good job that pays decently.

Going to eat, and watch my favorite let's player. Not much to report, because I'm just too hungry and tired to think!

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