Saturday, December 12, 2009

Headaches and Adventures

My head is pounding. Well, this isn't something new, it happens like once a month. I have to wait for the aspirin to kick in -_-; I'm so sleepy! (though it's a trap, I'll probably wake up in 2 hours, unable to sleep again.

Writing extra early because today, I've got plans, and I don't want to forget to honor my promise of updating daily! Meeting up with an old friend from high school. She and I used to do a lot of weird things, especially for our age. Like the time she and I would bring our Beanie Babies to class and play during free time. Seriously, play. We would talk for them and everything. In 7th grade. We caught a lot of flack for doing it, but we didn't care. Oh, and the time we used to.... role play? I guess it was that. We lived in the Pokemon world, lol. We were trainers and everything (I was a Dragon type trainer, and she was a Water type), and we would talk and write about all of our made of characters, as well as characters from the Pokemon series (then later, Digimon as we got into that) were real. We used to write each other comic notes in high school, that is, we would write a note, draw lots of little pictures around it, and then on the back, write a comic. It was great, to have a friend as eccentric as I was, though I guess I didn't appreciate it. I always wanted to hang out with Christina, our very popular friend. We kind of fought over her attentions, to the point where we would ridicule the other if at any point she didn't understand what the other was doing.

Terrible time in my life, to be honest. My friendship with Christina ended once I went to college, and somewhere around October, after a huge talk (mostly her accusing me of things, and me just being frustrated with the whole situation) we decided we probably shouldn't associate anymore. It was for the best, the only thing she and I had in common was school and the fact that we are females. Otherwise, we're just opposites not just in tastes but in personality, morals, lives.... That's something completely different though, and to be honest, I don't really care to talk about her anymore. All in the past, you know.

Anyway, Tara and I lived in our own little world where no one could touch us. I've never matched this with anyone else, even among my other best friends that have come and gone (current being someone who moved away ;_;). She still loves Japan like before, and she still has eccentric tastes like I do, though she's a bit sated in comparison to me, the girl who hopes to encompass 'cute' simply because she loves cute things.

I'm taking her to Mitsuwa, a Japanese grocery/book store/video rental/make up counter/restaurant, AKA just plain awesome. I've got money, I'm ready to speeeeend~! Hoping they have another Koakuma Ageha (my favorite magazine, I'm obsessed), and maybe a book on eye make up or decoden. And then a bag full of treats! Strawberry Daifuku, you better wait for me~

I worry a bit though. I love my friend lots, but she has a tendency to.... I don't know, kiss up? She'll pretend everything I'm doing is so cool, and then turn to someone else and be like "Ew, she's so strange, right?" and of course, she'll probably tell me about someone she's rolling her eyes at, even though they don't think anything is wrong. I'll have to let her know I have no tolerance for it anymore. I'd hate to lose a great friend, but I cannot deal with that kind of silly drama anymore. Even if she likes hanging out with me, she doesn't have to love everything I do. If something I'm into weirds her out, by all means, she is free to believe it's silly, but for her to go behind my back and ridicule me with all of her friends, I don't want someone like that in my life. I'm almost 24. I haven't been in high school for around 6 years. I broke all of those silly backstabbing-to-please habits. I hope she can too.


Signed up to Rakuten yesterday morning, from what I gather, I now have 2,000 points, but in the end, I have no idea what anything says. I'll figure it out somehow though. Deary clothes and shoes! It's so adorable, I can't even stand it. I'm going to have a hard time determining how I'll spend my Christmas money (hopefully I'll get some). Love my family, but because they like to think they know all about me, but they use very outdated information (I remember when you were 12 you liked Barbies!), I always end up with lots of things I just can't use. I don't like wasting money or space with non-functional things, so it's less like "Oh, I'm so ungrateful" and more "I'm not even going to use this, where am I going to keep it??? You should have saved your money!"

I guess I'll update this post after my day with my friend. I've got to clean out my car!

Oh, and I've discovered I'm a 32 small C. The bottom half is definitely C, but because it slopes down, it looks smaller (so like, think of a 32 full C, and cut it at a diagonal, it's like that). I finally found a measuring technique that actually worked. The ones I kept finding basically told me I was a 32AA. Umm.... I may be small, but I'm pretty sure if I'm mostly filling up a 36B, then I'm definitely not a 32AA. Not since I was 13, at least....

But this does explain why my small shirts suddenly hurt to wear because they're so tight, and why I have to remove the padding from my push-up bra sometimes. I'm gaining all the weight I lost last year when I had a severe case of anemia, and it looks like it's going back to the right places ^^ Minor victory to the small of chest!

Does anyone know how to fix this template? I got one, and it's so cute, but it hides everything, I need, so I don't know what to do. Blogger needs a MySpace amount of backgrounds, without all of the creepy guys friending me because they think I'm cute (especially because it specifically says to talk to me before doing so). I should probably leave MySpace.... But they always guilt me into staying, lol.

This blog turned out longer than I wanted. Going to sleeeeeep, at least for the next few hours. I've got a long day, I've got to at least try, headache or not. I'm going to try to do my hair like in my hair book I got last week. Seems easy enough, I can at least come close. I'll take a picture, I'm going decked out in Dandy style as well.


Just got in! My friend and I were out allllllll day~! She didn't know what to expect, but the moment we pulled up, she said "It's like an Asian Walmart!" XD Her heart was gone the second I showed her the bookstore. She couldn't stop raving <3 We realized we still had so much in common, so we're going to hang out a lot more. It'll be our hangout.

She and I talked so much, it was wonderful. We had the same ideas, we were just as eccentric as we were in school. At no point did I ever think I didn't want to share anything with her. I really hope she doesn't go into her old ways, bad-mouthing me to the person she's bad-mouthing to me.... I don't want to loose someone that great.

Bought 3 more books, December's Ageha, some hair magazine, and a Lolita magazine. Then I bought lots of treats. There were a lot of college students, and a really good looking guy working the register. I kind of wanted to talk to him, but then he disappeared. I probably wouldn't have talked to him anyway. How does one start a conversation with a random person? I know "Hi" works, but what then? XD I'm so terrible at this girl thing.

Also, I found a nice sewing class that will actually teach you how to make your own patterns, just what I always wanted. I'll save up to take it.

And I bought a fun new video game for my NIS collection, Atelier Annie (they speak in Japanese with English subtitles!). This was afterwards, when I dropped her off and went to my job to check my hours and bring them treats. I stuck around for a few extra hours, talking about my day, then talking about various things. I've got work tomorrow afternoon.

~Lots of Love~

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