Monday, December 28, 2009


Hello all! ...Well, hello anyone bored enough to read this stuff!
Anyway, I'm up really early today! I went to sleep at around 11p yesterday, which is pretty early. Honestly, my sleep schedule is all over the place. It's more than annoying, trying to keep up. Sometimes I'm tired in the middle of the day, sometimes the middle of the night, and really everything in between. One of the things on my goal list is sleep at a decent time. It's healthier to do so, you know. I probably won't accomplish this until I get a new job though. One that pays more than $300 a month ;_; Hire me please!

Anyway, I took advantage of waking up this early to steep some tea! One of the teas I got my grandma, I believe called the Dragon Lily flavor, it's so good! It's a white tea has a slight taste of apricot, and I love fruit flavored teas most. I'm probably completely unrefined, as I also put tons of sugar in my teas XD What can I say, I was raised on sugar, so most likely your brand of sweet is nowhere near my brand! Ahh, this could only be better if I had some Dominick's sugar cookies. OMG, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Yeah, I think I'll make this a daily thing too, a nice relaxing cup of tea, a cookie or two, relaxing after a long day of getting yelled at by customers, or just a nice break, and maybe that's when I do a blog. If I can associate the two, I'm sure I really could do this on a daily basis. Got to try harder!

I'm counting down the days until Tara and I go back out to Schaumburg. I'm taking her to my favorite restaurant Ichiro's too. Love love love that restaurant. If I ever somehow become famous, I'm so going to tell everyone about them ^_^ I don't know what I'd do if I showed up and they weren't there anymore, but they're always busy once they open. Seriously, people start pouring in within 30 minutes of them opening for the day (4p-10p everyday). I know she'll love it, the service is wonderful, and they're always so friendly and cool ^_^ That's just the people, the food is amazing! <333 I could rave about them all day.

I really need a curling iron. My straightener can give me curls, but not ringlets like I've been wanting. I'll get a medium sized barrel one and a small barrel one sometime, though I won't be able to use the medium one until my hair grows out more. Oh, I had a weird dream where I could buy super long hair extentions for really cheap. For some reason, I was buying a blonde one. Lol, maybe my subconscious is telling me to be a blonde? Sorry, subconscious, the lightest my hair will be is just a lighter brown, lol. Blonde is for wigs, I like being a permanent brunette.

Got an order confirmation of my brushes, so they'll be here Wednesday or so (hopefully Wednesday, since I'll be gone all day on Thursday, and I don't want to wait until Friday!). I'll have to buy some shampoo for them, because they're so not touching mine! lol I better start preparing my makeup list! They sell a liquid eyeliner over at Mitsuwa that I've been seeing all over the pages of Ageha, so I hope it's good ^^ Anything's got to be better than the Elf brand I got, but that's my fault, because I got it really cheap. I guess that's just one of the things you shouldn't skimp out on ^^;

I'm going to go get some cookies and sugar, and enjoy this tea right!

~Lots of Love~

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