Monday, December 21, 2009


Figured I'd post now, because I won't be coming home until late, and I might forget.

This week will be pretty hectic, all the work I've got to do.... And I won't be seeing the Kid at all until Saturday! *sobsob*

Anyway, I got a message from one of my exes, telling me he had a dream about me. I won't get into why we broke up, let's just say he's regretted it tremendously since then, and has asked for me to come back many times. I finally told him that there was no chance for the two of us to ever get back together, but I know he still thinks about it. He used to be really goofy, never really taking things seriously, now he's become all introspective, and he makes a lot of what tend to be depressing observations. And he's working out now. Where was this less goofy, exercising guy when *I* was dating him?? I could never get him to do anything outside of sitting around watching Law & Order....

My skin has been on a rampage recently. It's being rebellious, though I haven't changed anything in my routine. I think I need a chemical peel. Way too much dead skin on my face.... Sometimes 'beautifying' is annoying!

Just 3 more days, I'm celebrating Christmas! I'm actually excited~ I'm going to get that Hello Kitty luggage (hope it's there!!) and the cutest coat, and warm, cute gloves, and some clothes! Lol, that's like $200 there, I hope I get quite a bit of money after my payment to the doll company XD I know, I know, it's not all about gifts, just, I'm really excited to be getting the chance to do something I've always wanted to do.

Going to go, I've got work in an hour. *sob* No Kid! I want him to visit me....

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