Monday, January 11, 2010


I saw an owl today! Off in the distance, I saw a large bird land on a tree across the street. At first, I was wondering what kind of bird would still be around here while it's cold and dark, but then it turned it head, and I could see the little points! Then it hooted XDDD I wish I had had my camera. I've never seen an owl in the wild before. We get hawks, seagulls, and crows, but this is the first owl I've experienced around here. It's so ginormous and cool!!

Anyway, long day at work, because I was feeling anemic. My stomach just felt queasy, like I hadn't eaten anything, but I had! I don't really know what to do. I tried to take iron pills, but it only lessens the feeling month to month (whereas I used to just be completely useless during an episode, now, I only feel a little weak). What do I do to get rid of it?? I guess this is my sign to eat better. More iron rich foods like spinach. But my grandma only likes to make salads with it. I need something different, and separate from her (because she'll cook it until it's completely soggy and has no nutrients.)

My socks came in today! Really fast too, I ordered on Saturday! Everything fits and looks extra cute~ I got a pair of socks that are actually discontinued (they were such a cute pink, I had to get them while they were on sale!) My color theme was pink and white, because I wanted them to go with my leopard print dress from Rakuten. I should have probably gotten something black, but I think I'll get some stockings around here instead of online (unless I come across something very cute online) Everything fits and feels extra comfortable. I can't wait until I get my stuff. I want to wear them right away!

Lol, I already need new clothes XD

I found a gift card I got last year from Old Navy, with $21 on it. I'm going to wait until spring, and buy some short shorts. Hey, do they sell short shorts? It's been so long since I went there and bought anything, I can't actually remember ^^; Oh, and if they have it, a nice shirt to go with my blazer ensemble. It's an autumn ensemble, but I'd like to prepare it now. Speaking of blazers, I found another coordination using that same blazer, in the same color in an older Ageha issue. Who knew? I hope I become fashionable enough to be able to see these things. I used to get so many things and be so bored with them because I only had one boring idea for them. Now I see them in a new light. Like my cardigan, I used to only wear it with a long shirt and some pants. Now I see I can wear my red skirt under it, and a nice top. Too cold to wear it now, but I have something for when it warms up ^^ Seriously, this all probably seems boring and basic on the outside, but for someone who's never done any of this, it's really fun and exciting. The novelty will wear off once I'm immersed, but for now, I'm enjoying things. I think I should have majored in fashion, lol.

I've got a package to drop off tomorrow!

~Lots of Love~

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