Saturday, January 9, 2010

Arts and Crafts

You know, I'm actually a very artistic person. I haven't been doing much lately, but I like to draw and make things. I don't know why, but it always surprises me when I realize I can combine art with really anything I'm getting into. Like just a few moments ago, I suddenly started thinking about brush holders and vanities for my make up. I was looking up what to do, and I found a great and incredibly simple tutorial, where someone just got a box, filled it with that vase fill stuff (those little glass beads) and stuck his brushes in. I was like "Duh, why didn't I think of that??" As I kept looking, I saw what other people had done with that idea. Pretty vases, colorful sand, little decals and things stuck on the vase.... Sometimes, I can be so silly. I have a cute little makeup box, but it's rather small, and really only good for taking things on the go (I might even eventually use it as a purse, because it's really cute ^_^). I'm thinking about things like this, because even though I'm still at the beginner stage with barely anything, I plan on adding bit by bit (in fact, I'm going out today to go to Sephora and look for the 2 pallets I wanted when I went shopping before). I'm into anything and everything cute. I accidentally came across a Victorian style website where they have hand mirrors and trays and perfume bottles and whatnot. Pretty high end, but if I bought one thing every month, I could have a lot of pretty trinkets for a pretty vanity. This year, I'm teaching myself to back away from the big picture and take things step by step. As you know, I tend to get really overwhelmed and give up on things, when I look at it as a whole.

Oh yeah, but anyway, I already know I want my future room to exude cute. I'm picking out mini chandeliers and I actually have a folder full of room ideas and a section with links to all these places. I even started looking at some interior design books, from where else, Japan. Places here seem to only have cute designs for little girls, and once you reach a certain age, you want to be classic or edgy. But I want to be cute! Not really stuffed animals lining the walls cute, but still girly cute, with a modern flair. I want to paint my future room lilac (I hope I can find a place where I can paint my room) with a pink, purple, and white color theme. I want a big and fluffy bed (I need all the cushioning I can get anyway) with satin pillows, and one of those hanging things over the bed, you know, with the lace that comes down, so you can get the canopy bed without the canopy. I want a cute vanity! One in white with pink and purple flowers. And a big closet to fill, because now I'm going to fill it! My room will be so anti-male, but I don't care. I think the rest of the place will be cool, but my room is my room. Lace, frills, and satin abound.

But I guess I have to take it one step at a time. First I have to get a good paying job. Then I can get an apartment and start thinking about all this furniture stuff.

I'm starting to think I might have to leave the state in order to get a good job. I wouldn't mind it at all, but I don't know. This is all very frustrating. I'm trying my hardest to believe in my mom when she says I can find a job, but when it's been so long with so much work.... It's easy to get discouraged.... I have so many dreams of getting to travel around and enjoy the world. It would take me about a year in order to even go across the country for more than a day, with the ability to stay somewhere not infested with bugs and rodents, and get food that's not on someone's dollar menu. You know, I'd like to enjoy myself....

~Lots of Love~

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