Monday, January 4, 2010

How to Up the Make

Did I ever mention that I got my brushes in forever ago? Well I did, and so far, I'm impressed (though this may not be saying much, as I've never really had any brushes before, besides a kabuki I bought from Target for that brief time I was wearing mineral makeup, and that one wasn't too amazing). But that's not what this entry is about.

See, I wanted the plum set from Coastal Scents, not because of the color, but because I knew what every brush in the set did. It was perfect for me.... But they sold out the day I went to buy some. The only good set they had with all the brushes I knew I wanted in the first place was this deluxe set. Cute, but I only knew what like 6 of them did. Still, I needed a set of makeup brushes, if I was ever going to learn how to do my own makeup, so I ordered it. I'm glad I did!

The day after I made the purchase, I realized I needed to know what these brushes did, otherwise I'd be wasting a lot of money not using like half of my brushes. I hate wasting money. It's always a big letdown when I realize I could have spent my cash on other things. So I did some research. I came across a few basic pages that pretty much generalized everything, like "these kinds of brush is for this application." Okay, nice, but it of course wasn't quite good enough. What does each individual brush do? Why is it that this one does this while this one does this? I am waaaaaaay at the beginning, not even sure how to even out skin tone and use concealer, I needed a place that would educate me.

I found it ^_^
This place is awesome for a beginner. I found this site through the brushes section, which explained not only what each brush did, but which ones were for everyday use, and which ones were used only for special techniques, which ones where must haves, and which ones I might never need. I ended up moving from there to basic application pages. I really like that it's so descriptive, not just "put it on here, now put this on here, done!" I'm not so savvy with all the terms, so I never know what's what. Of course, after that I moved to eyeshadow, since I like to bring those out more than my lips (which are plump and naturally dark pink, so they stand out anyway). They even had diagrams of where each section of the eye is. I always wondered what they exactly meant by applying things on the lid, since I never knew where the 'lid' ended, or was supposed to end.

So on this note, I just washed my brushes. My big blush brushes were really pigmented! They turned my water all black o_o Most of them are made from natural hair that's been brushed from the animals (so they didn't kill the animal for them). I used my shampoo and conditioner, since they're made for about the same kind of hair XD Hooray for me having long, dry hair! My brushes already feel softer, and they're still in the conditioning stage. I'll condition them again in a bit, then rinse them off and let them dry, and they'll be ready for use ^_^ I have some extra money, suddenly, so I'll be able to buy some makeup to compliment said brushes very soon XD I think I'll work on the basics first: foundation, concealer, and eye primer, a pink to white eye shadow pallet, a neutral color pallet, maybe a blush, maybe. Oh, and some Quench lotion! I remember someone had it in their car forever ago, so I used it. It was wonderful! And it had a slight shimmer to it <3 Or maybe I can finally get a curling iron! I'll go look at some nice small barrel ones.

Well, I finished the second conditioning, and rinsed them off, now they're drying for a day. I'm working at 4 on Thursday, so I've got lots of free time. Means no money in my paycheck, but I'm supposed to get a huge payment from someone else as well (hopefully they keep their promise). Tomorrow will be my weekly hair washing, so I think I'm overdue for some olive oil treatment ^_^

Random Edit:
Look at what I just found in last December's Egg!
I know you're thinking "What is this?" or maybe even "Why is this?" Well! My mom bought me a blazer just like that but in blue! I was a little excited, because I was wondering what I could do with this blazer at first (my mom tried to tell me to wear it over my sweater. Ew, really? unnecessary bulk is never cute!) but now that I've seen this, I've got an idea! I need a pleated skirt, a top like the one under it, a super cute choker, I can already see my own version, fleshing out! I'm starting to like Egg more and more. I might not be into the makeup choice, but I like their fashions lots ^_^ I'll look for them next time I'm at Mitsuwa. I'm halfway through my stamps. I wonder if we have double stamp days out here.

~Lots of Love~

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