Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eye Lashes

I've been slacking....

Today is the 16th! They said they would be shipping my stuff yesterday from Rakuten, but I haven't gotten anything about it. I hope it went through. I don't think any of the things I ordered are out of stock, so I could just reorder, but it would be really great to know if my things are going out! My money hasn't even left my account. I want my cute stuff!

Yesterday, I found out that I'm not liable for my medical bills. I'm pretty happy, because they would have been a lot, even if I had to pay a percentage of it. It's one stressful thing out of my life, at the very least. I'm covered for a whole year with them. I decided to do some spending as a result (though I totally shouldn't have, lol). I got some mascara, Lash Stiletto, which I heard was really good. My eyelashes are already pretty long, I hope they don't make them abnormally so! I was going to get some eyeshadow, but then I realized I could just go to Icing and buy one of their makeup packs. The eye primer I got is known for making even the least pigmented eyeshadow look brilliant, so I don't really worry about what kind of eyeshadow I'm getting (just as long as it doesn't irritate my skin, but I don't have sensitive skin, so I don't think I have to worry at all).

I also got a really cute plastic 3 drawer shelf on sale for $7. I'm going to put my fashion magazines in there ^^ I want to make it kind of my beauty drawer, with the bottom drawer full of my magazines. I'm going to start scanning in my favorite fashion ensembles and makeup ideas, and printing them (I think I'll get a cute little scrapbook, but if I can't find anything in the right size, I'll just get a 3 ring binder). The top drawer.... Hm, I don't know. Maybe I can put my brushes in there? I don't want to keep them all squashed up in the portable holder. I can put my hair accessories in there too. You know, I eventually will need some shelves for my books, as I collect them (and I already have a small collection now, 3 Ageha books, and 3 hair books, my bottom drawer is full, so I already need a new shelf, lol) I have to be honest, I already like my shelf, and I only just put my books and brushes in it. I'm a little excited about looking for a nice scrapbook. Do they come in 10x13 sizes? I'm sure they do, I'll just look ^^

~Lots of Love~

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