Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unicorn Twins!

Lol, what did I do yesterday? Sleep, eat, sleep. *sigh*

But also, I found out that the Soom Bygg and Beyla, the ones I just finished paying off Saturday, are on their way! Let me tell you, this wait should have been about one and a half months to two, but somehow, my wait was only 2 days!! I thought it might have been an accident, but sure enough, the tracking number said they were sent into Chicago today. WTF!! But I'm not upset at all! This is great~! Paying early has its benefits, seriously!

So, since my twins were coming, I had to go shopping for some snack supplies for their arrival! No, it's not for them! Well, kinda. See, I'm part of a ball joint doll forum, and in this particular thread, someone had mentioned how they were like Oreos (because the Bygg is gray, and the Beyla is white). Then someone posted a recipe for Oreo bonbons. There were a lot of issues during their time, with their website change, and weird payment issue. I made a promise that when I got my twins, I would make some Oreo bonbons and give them the caption "I survived the Soom website redesign!" So yeah, I'm making Oreo bonbons. I made some mint Oreo ones covered in white chocolate today, and will make some plain ones covered in milk chocolate soon. The mint ones came out delicious ^^ Even though I put too much chocolate on some of them, lol.

If you want to make them, here's the link. And check out her other recipes!

~Lots of Love~

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