Saturday, January 2, 2010


Work today!

Anyway, I just finished a bath, using the Lush bath products. Waaah, so pretty~! I did the Mermaid Water recipe, and it was a gorgeous ocean blue with swirls of gold shimmering all over! I read my Ageha magazine while I enjoyed a nice scented soak. And what did I see? Riho Nishiyama had her own pages! 3 whole pages, in fact, back and forth <333 I was so happy, it's about time! She had a section where she looked so glamorous~! I hope she never disappears. I like Satomi too, but I'm a bonafide Riho fangirl XD

I was excited, so I had to tell everyone. I know, it's lame, but it's Riho!

~Lots of Love~

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