Sunday, January 31, 2010


So, where have I beeeeeen???

Nah, you haven't been asking that XD
But yeah, I left for a bit. Hit a patch of depression ;_; It sucks knowing you're having panic attacks, but it sucks even more that you can't just stop it. Like, I know it's all in my head, yet I'm still having them. It's really frustrating, and it caused me to just lose interest in everything for a bit. But I've made a comeback ^^

What happened, let's see.
Well... um, nothing, really.

I got my twins, and I painted their faces ^^ I like them, but I want to love them! I'll try again when I have some available money, which won't be for a little while, because.... I'm buying another, lol. But this one is a man, a tall, gorgeous man, and I'm being smart about it. I'm part of a split ^^ I'll just be getting his head and body, and passing on the extras. Still a lot of money, but whatevs.

Been nearly obsessive about the kid lately. I don't know why, because he awkward laughs at everything I say, lol. Some might interpret that as being shy, but he's probably only shy because we never work together. Or he's just shy around girls in general. Okay, maybe I'm making excuses, but I've been burned a billion times, I've learned my lesson.... -_-;

Yesterday, a bunch of hats got 'pennied out' at work, so I got a ton of Nintendo brand hats! I usually just look at the beanies, but this time, I got the baseball caps too. I must say, I look quite good~! This was my work attire. I worked late, so during the day, I got really bored and decided to do my hair and put on makeup. The kid should have seen me! But of course he didn't. I swear, he only ever sees me when I'm looking at boring and unattractive as possible. It's like he plans it.

My bosses tell me it's weird that I call the kid "kid" even though he looks older than me, lol. But he's younger than me! That's all that matters, right?

My grandma told me she'll be staying here for 2 months. She's already incredibly annoying and wanting to know everything I do. It's creepy! She stares at me from the living room if I walk into the kitchen (no, I don't mean glances up, I mean, she actually stares at me until I leave), she asks me tons of pointless questions and questions with an obvious answer.... at least she'll be doing more things around the house. I work more than she does now, and I work 10 hour weeks! (yeah, sucks)

In random news, remember that clothing ensemble I posted a bit ago because I owned the blazer? Well, looks like I own a top similar to the one in the picture as well ^^ I just need a pleated skirt or short shorts and some dark tights (which I know I don't own, lol)

Well, I guess I'm off. Try to come back tomorrow ^_^

~Lots of Love~

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