Friday, January 15, 2010

Let Down

Today was pretty bad.

First, I find out that my order was randomly canceled because they couldn't "secure the order" -_-;

I got written up at work for coming in 10 minutes late. I guess I should have seen that coming, since I've been late like every day. I've just lost my desire to go to work....

So I ended up with a lot of extra Christmas money. To cheer myself up, I went on a shopping spree.... with video games, lol. I bought 2 more games for my NIS collection, a bag for my DS (it's really cute! Pink with a skull and crossbones wearing a bow~), Metroid Prime, and Dark Cloud 2. I think I'll go to the other store to find the last NIS DS game (a fun puzzle game), and the Disgaeas for the PS2 if they have cases for them. After all, who has a collection without the cases? I'm a true fan ^^ (even though I cheaped out on Mana Khemia and only got the basic and not the special edition). I haven't even played my PS2, especially because I actually just got another NIS game for the PS2 not that long ago. Buuuuuut, they're part of my collection, and the type of games that are hard to find after a few years, since only a few are released at a time. Hey, I was pretty lucky to find a La Pucelle Tactics in good condition with a book! And I actually got all of the Atelier Iris' new~! Unless it's Disgaea, it's hard to find at a store, at least around here.

Talking about my collection helps, especially because I like the games. I know they're typical, and not many people really like these games because they're grinders, but I love NIS games, ever since I found out that Phantom Brave was distributed by the same company as Rhapsody for the PS1 (a game I used to play a lot when I was younger).

Anyway, now that I have extra money again, I think I'll just buy some things from Schaumburg, or maybe get a dress from Qutieland, though that's $100 on its own. (at least I can rely on it not being canceled!)

It's a month away, but Valentine's Day is already waiting. This year, will I get a Valentine? You know, I've never had one. Even in high school, when I would buy my friends gifts (we were all hopelessly single) I wouldn't get anything. Well, once, someone gave me a chocolate. I was an afterthought though, lol, and he gave me chocolate from his collection from other girls who had given him candy (I don't think he ever knew that I knew). There's only one person I want to be my Valentine though, lol. If you don't know who he is, then you haven't been reading my blogs. ^___^ I don't think he'll ever ask though, and I can't ask. Well, I could, but after years of rejection, I'd rather kind of sit on the sidelines dreaming than taking another chance. It's just easier, and better for my stress levels this way ;_; Ugh, pathetic, I'm going to end up settling for some guy I can't stand, all because no one else will look at me, aren't I?

Enough of that angst.
But it's just so easy, when you've had a bad day!

~Lots of Love~

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