Monday, January 18, 2010


I've been sleeping a lot.... So much stress.

Anyway, there was a victory recently! I put on makeup, and I looked great~ Though I didn't go anywhere, I stayed at home, lol. I messed up the liner on one of my eyes, and some of the eye primer got caked up because I didn't blend it properly, but otherwise I liked what I saw. But it was 3 in the morning, so I washed it off. Then I did my hair later that day.

I tried to follow this style:

(picture courtesy of, because I don't feel like scanning it in)
It came out pretty okay. Not OMGSUPERAMAZINGLAMOROUS or anything, but still cute. I wore this out. I still haven't learned how to use my hairspray, and I have no idea how they keep the volume! I even teased my hair, I swear, all the teasing just.... fell out! You know how you have to back-comb, and it comes out really tangled. Well.... mine wasn't tangled after a few hours! Anyway, my hair fell flat. And I can't for the life of me figure out how they get those rolls separated so perfectly. Mine always ends up in some sort of mass. Maybe I have too much hair?

Anyway, I went to look at scrapbooks, but none of them were very cute. I ended up getting a cute pink crocodile skin binder (of course it was fake). It didn't fit in the drawer, but I'm keeping it anyway, because it's cute. I relegated the second drawer to hair stuff.

Heading off. I'm not updating this like I'm supposed to. *sigh*

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