Monday, December 27, 2010


Happy birthday to me~!
Like my new ring?
But this comes later.
What did I get this time?  Well, I got myself some socks and a pannier last night, lol.  I was only going to get the socks, but then I thought, why not get a cute, white pannier (not too fluffy, so I won't get a bell shape, more of an A shape), so I can change my dress from the pink and black theme to the pink and white theme?  Sweet to edgy and back!  The order was shipped out today, so it'll probably be here Wednesday.  No confirmations from Pretty and Cute, Pinky Paradise, or Bodyline, but they're probably swarmed anyway.  I was shocked I even heard from Sock Dreams!

I did get a message that said my payment for my shoes from Yumetenbo came through and that they would be shipping them tomorrow~  I confirmed it too, by going into my account.  Sure enough, the money was taken out, so my shoes are on their way!  What a relief too, those are the only unchangeable item on my wishlist!

Anyway, I headed to Charming Charlie again.  I realized I didn't have enough accessories for the pink and black theme, and, well, you can't be properly Hime without accessories anyway, right?   Besides, I remembered seeing a necklace there that I wanted to get.  So my paltry little collection is growing.

So, I got the necklace, but then I saw these earrings nearby.   You can't really see in the picture all of the detail into each of those crosses.  The necklace kind of came apart once I got home though.   It was just a jump ring that was too wide though.  I just used my pliers and pushed them together again.
Well, as I was walking away, I passed the white section (Everything's divided by color, with a few extra sections for specific themes.  That's so you can find matching things in one space.) and I saw that cute bow~  It cost about as much as it would to make one too.  I was just needing a proper hair accessory and it came at just the right time!  Last one too~

I spent $9 more than I was planning to, but I'm glad I got them.

Once I came home, I tried them on, and I remembered that I had a black bracelet that I bought years ago.  While I went to look for it, I found this skull charm I pulled off of these arm bands I bought from Hot Topic during my punk phase.
I always wanted to do something with it, but I could never figure out what.  Suddenly, it came to me.  I also had this old adjustable ring my mom gave me from some carnival.  It was a dragonfly, but the tail broke off, so it turned into... just a fly.   I put the skull charm over my finger to see if I'd like it as a ring, and it looked pretty nice.   I got my hot glue gun and glued the charm to the ring (making sure the ring fit first, of course).
Glued all around the ring, so it won't be coming off too easily ^^ (and there's my wonderful little two temp hot glue gun back there)
It looked good, but it was missing something....  So I made a little bow to put on it.  No picture of it though, but I'll wear it with my ensemble once I get it.

I also filled in my butterfly ring while I had the glue gun out.  Now it fits just as well as my other rings.

I took a candle holder that looked like a bird cage and I put everything on it with the thin rings sitting inside. All of my jewelry fits on it currently, and it's rather cute.  Eventually they won't, but for now, it's a good arrangement.

Well, I'm off, standing by the door, eagerly awaiting my presents~!

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