Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve.... Eve!

As I said before, I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so tomorrow is the day~

It actually sneaked up on me.  Yes, even though I posted about it not long ago, I still didn't see it coming.
I was watching Phelous' review of some horror movie called Black Christmas (2006)  I started thinking about how Christmas was on a Saturday, then suddenly it came to me.

Christmas Eve is Friday then!

That's when I realized how close Christmas had gotten.  I swear, last time I checked, it was so many days away!  The time just flew~

I won't get to wrap my presents, since I couldn't afford boxes, bags, or really anything after purchasing gifts, so they'll just stay in the tissue that they gave me when I bought them, lol. I'm excited to be able to give out gifts this year. Usually, I only get something for my cousin, and I get lumped in with my mom's gift to my grandma and Poppy. This year, Poppy made me promise not to get him anything but a card, but at least I got to give grandma her own gift. I still got to help mom with her own gift for grandma though, since I'm the inside girl ^^

Well, grandma has been eating a lot of ice cream lately, so I suggested an ice cream maker. I thought it would be nice to get her one so she could always have a supply and she could make her own healthy concoctions with all of her herbs and whatnot.  Plus, I could make my own flavors too~  Don't know what Mom decided on though, since I also suggested a new dish drying rack, with the one we have being from the 60's and probably not having been properly washed since back then either....

So anyway, Christmas comes tomorrow my way! I'm going to be making the candy tonight (apparently everyone is really looking forward to it!). I'm also trying to finalize what I want to purchase if I get any money for Christmas. Hoping for enough to at least buy the BB cream, one pair of contacts, the shoes from Yumetenbo, and a particular book on confectioneries, maybe a few flavored powders from Faerie's Finest. The book is the replaceable one, since that book will always be available.

I still have gifts to get my 4 friends: a gift certificate to Sock Dreams for Tara (she loves socks, seriously), a Hello Kitty/Gloomy Bear combo keychain for Niki (to combine her love of HK with her newfound love of Gloomy), something Loveless related for Steve (he's too picky!), and a package of goodies for my overseas sweetheart Chloe. I think I can get most of these next week.  Money management, AWAY~

Oh, but a bit of an update on the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo, my flakes seem to have almost completely disappeared. Normally, they would be all over my hair even while my hair was just air drying. I've been checking my scalp for the past two days, and I haven't seen anything! I even scratched my head to see if it was just hiding, but sure enough, nothing came up! I think anything I have left is just the remnants of what I had before. I can't actually see any issue on the scalp itself. In fact, my scalp looks absolutely shiny, lol.

Also, I notice my hair doesn't get statically charged like it used to. I put on my coat earlier today, and usually afterwards, my hair is sticking straight up. This time, while it still got charged (I don't think it ever wouldn't) it stayed down more. I think it's great against flyaways.

I'm definitely switching conditioners as well. At $3 for the bottle, $1 less than Herbal Essence, and WAAAAAAAAAY better on my scalp than it, it's a great investment.
Herbal Essence, you had your chance! Now you are dead to me!

Enjoy your holidays, everyone!

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